Anna Kendrick Admits Some 'Love Life' Episodes Are From Personal Experience

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Anna Kendrick made a major revelation in one of her latest interviews. Apparently, she has a very personal connection to the storyline of her character in Love Life.

The actress sat down with Trevor Noah to talk about her personal connection to the HBO Max show, which was a big hit for the streaming service.

The surprising revelation is one of the reasons why she plays Darby Carter so well!

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Darby Carter In Love Life Season 1


The first season of Love Life introduced Darby Carter - a charming New Yorker who navigates her dating life despite romantic challenges.

Each episode focuses on a relationship, covering its joys, struggles, and eventual doom. Darby goes through several relationship fails before eventually finding true love.

Darby's challenges in the dating world were apparently taken from some of Kendrick's real-life experiences, which is probably why her character felt so real and captivating.

Anna Kendrick At The Daily Show

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In an interview at The Daily Show, Anna talked about how her character in the series mirrors her own life.

"A lot of that first season was personal experience and in fact, I was like 'We have to change some of these details, so that I don't get some angry phone calls,'" Kendrick shared.

"But, there was one episode, in particular, where I went to the creator when I got the script.. and was like 'We need to change some more details, this is way to close to my real life!'"

Marcus Watkins In Love Life Season 2

Love Life | Instagram

Kendrick also gave praise to William Jackson Harper, who is featured as the lead character in Love Life season 2.

"William Jackson Harper from The Good Place is so great on this season, like it's unbelievable and Jessica Williams is electric!" Kendrick excitedly said about the season 2 stars.

Since the second season doesn't draw from Anna's experiences, she says that it is also easier for her to watch but it still feels just as personal to her.

Will Darby Carter Be In Season 3?

Love Life | Instagram

The first two installments of the series were received well by the public but there is no confirmation yet if the show will have a third season.

Fans also want to know if Darby will be returning for another season. Since the anthology series focuses on a new lead character every season, it is unlikely that Darby will be taking the lead role again.

However, since the show follows a format where the characters are in one "universe", crossover storylines are highly possible. Darby or Marcus might show up on the screens again to have some kind of interaction with the next lead.