Chanel West Coast's Career Setbacks: From Charlamagne Beef To Sharon Stone Lawsuit

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Chanel West Coast has built a thriving career in music and television but her road to success was not without a few stumbling blocks. The 33-year-old rapper, who rose to fame with her stint in Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, has faced her fair share of setbacks along the way.

The "No Plans" singer, who's no stranger to cyberbullying and has been targetted by online trolls on various occasions, is motivated by haters to "work harder," she told InTouch in March 2020.

Here are some of the biggest career setbacks she's had to push through.

Charlamagne Beef

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The feud between Chanel and Charlamagne Tha God made headlines for a few years until the duo finally buried the hatchet in 2018. What started with a series of angry tweets back in October 2015 escalated into an "epic clash" on Ridiculousness in June 2017, with Chanel defending her "musical track record" to Charlamagne.

“Lil Wayne, who co-signed Drake and Nicki Minaj, is the same person who co-signed me!” Chanel said during her overheated exchange with Charlamagne. “I’ve won a BET award with Young Money, I got songs with French Montana, YG, Ty Dolla Sign, Snoop Dogg…”

According to Starcasm, the argument broke out after Charlamagne admitted "I told her she was wack rapping one time," with Chanel eventually going off at him: "You don’t know my musical track record bro! Sorry. I can’t be [BLEEP] funny today because he doesn’t know my motherf**king musical track record! So get familiar!”

A1 Bentley Clapback

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A couple of months after her quarrel with Charlamagne on Ridiculousness, Chanel got into a dispute with A1 Bentley during an episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood in September 2017. Once again, Chanel got defensive about her music career after being turned down by the record producer for a potential collaboration.

"I met you before,” A1 said. “I wasn’t as hot. I was in a session with French Montana and I’m, like, ‘Yo, we should work.’ You had your shades on and, I don’t know, you probably never looked at me, but I was trying to work with you and you played me.”

The Kansas-born rapper, 34, added: “You know, I hope the best for you. I can’t work with you.”

'Donkey Of The Day' Mention

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Her squabble with A1 got Chanel named Charlamagne “Donkey of the Day” on Charlamagne's The Breakfast Club the following day after she compared herself to Drake and Kanye West.

"Charlamagne has also went [sic] at some of the biggest rappers in history, so in my [BLEEP] I’m up there with Kanye and Drake and everybody else he puts down. You know what I’m saying?" she told A1 on Love & Hip Hop. "But listen, If Charlamagne is dissing Chanel West Coast, you’re just putting me up in the caliber of the motherf***ers you’re dissing.”

Charlamagne was quick to clap back at the "Trophies" singer in the “Donkey of the Day” segment of his show: "Chanel West Coast thinks that because I have called out Drake and Kanye before that, since I called her wack as well, she’s on their level."

The 43-year-old radio and TV personality continued: "I have been very specific about any reason why I wasn’t feeling Drake and Kanye about something, but those guys are extremely talented. Just like with you Chanel, I think you’re a lovely person, but you’re just a wack artist. OK?"

Sharon Stone Lawsuit

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In November 2019, Chanel faced legal issues after actress Sharon Stone sued her over her song and music video "Sharon Stoned," claiming the rapper used her "name for commercial purposes without her consent."

According to the lawsuit documents, the Casino actress alleged that Chanel (real name, Chelsea Dudley) was trying to capitalize on her “extraordinary level of popularity and fame” by repeatedly mentioning her name in the lyrics.

The lawsuit was eventually [settled] ( in May 2020, after Chanel defended herself saying the Basic Instinct star was aware of the song when it was being produced and originally even agreed to appear in the music video.

"Sharon pulled out of participating in the music video the day of the shoot after months of conversations, in-person meetings with myself and the director, two dance rehearsals and even had her own ideas that she shared with myself and my team for the collaborative on the video," Chanel explained, per the Rolling Stone.

The rapper, who said the song and its accompanying video were an "homage'' to the actress, continued: "To be frank, the entire production team and myself were surprised when she walked off. Nonetheless, the shoot proceeded."

The lawsuit was settled "to the mutual satisfaction of the parties," per a filing by Chanel's attorney.

Club Tantrums

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Conflicts with other celebrities were not the only thing to make Chanel's blood boil in recent years. In November 2017, the singer and actress made headlines for having an "epic meltdown" after the Poppy security guard refused to let her and her group into the L.A. club.

Footage captured by TMZ showed the MTV host spewing insults at the bouncer as she marched into the street and caused the scene.

If you think that's a little too familiar, it's because it's happened before. In April 2015, Chanel was caught on camera throwing an "epic tantrum" after being denied entry at Coachella.

Just a few months later, she was getting arrested for kicking and punching a security guard at 1 OAK in L.A. This was after she reportedly started a fight with a girl, with the "I Be Like" singer apparently unleashing her wrath on the bouncer escorting her out of the club.