Madonna Answers Kim Kardashian's Burning Questions In 'Madame X' Q&A

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Madonna is currently promoting her latest project Madame X, a concert film now streaming on Paramount+, that showcases intimate moments from the pop icon's concert.

The 63-year-old artist had an event to promote her new documentary and was put on the spot to answer some burning questions from celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and Lil Nas X.

Scroll down to find out what Madonna revealed to her fans.

Kim Kardashian Asks Madonna

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Hosted by RuPaul's Drag Race winners Symone and Aquaria, the event was packed with fans. Kim Kardashian sent in a question via video to ask Madonna about her old costumes.

"Do you have all of your award show and music video wardrobe and if you do, do you ever let your daughter wear any of it?" Kardashian started.

"That closet is the closet I would want to raid so badly and can I wear something one day?" she continued.

Madonna And Daughter Lourdes Leon

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Madonna, who is known for her outrageous costumes on and off the stage, confirmed that her now 25-year-old daughter Lourdes Leon has shown interest in her outfits. But, it's not really the performance costumes she wants.

"Of course I have an archive.. My daughter, she doesn't wanna wear my costumes from the shows, she wants to like wear my Versace outfits from the 90s." Madonna answered.

She continued by inviting Kim to her home for some outfit bonding session.

"Kim, you are welcome. We could have like a try-on session together," she said seemingly amused by the reality star.

Keeping Her Family Life Private

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While Madonna is often very candid with her fans, she likes to keep her family life private. Her kids make an appearance on her Instagram from time to time but the artist can also be protective of them.

In an interview, Lourdes once revealed that her mom is very controlling, which made her want to be independent at an early age.

“My mom is such a control freak, and she has controlled me my whole life. I needed to be completely independent from her as soon as I graduated high school.”

Madonna Doesn't Spoil Her Kids Too Much

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Lourdes also shared that while she may have a privileged life, her superstar mom doesn't give her handouts.

"We don’t get any handouts in my family. Obviously, I grew up with extreme privilege,” she said. “There’s no denying that. But I think my mom saw all these other kids of famous people, and she was like, ‘My kids are not going to be like this.’"