Olivia Wilde Impresses Celebs In Sheer Gucci Bra Outfit

Olivia Wilde

Rebecca Cukier

Olivia Wilde is impressing her mega-famous friends in a super-skimpy and monogrammed Gucci corset look with a structured bra finish. The actress and girlfriend to former One Direction singer Harry Styles has been turning heads with her barely-there looks on Instagram - while she received backlash for her nude snaps this fall, Wilde only received praise in her latest share, one shouting out luxury Italian label Gucci.

The stunning snap has now attracted major celebrity attention - see the photo below.

All About Gucci

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Scroll for the photo. Gucci, now fronted by 28-year-old singer Miley Cyrus, is still relying on slightly lower-profile faces to spread its name across social media.

Wilde had posed looking gorgeous and low-key in a simple polaroid snap. The 37-year-old, looking ageless, was photographed close up, against a white wall, and popping against the backdrop in sexy and partially sheer fabrics, going cupped in a black Gucci bra and peeping hints of a corset below.

Wilde wore her long blonde hair down and curled, plus a long cross necklace.


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See The Photo Below

The New York native, also sporting a nude matte lip and warming bronzer on her cheeks, kept her caption simple, writing: "Oh what a niiiight, @gucci" with a black heart emoji. Over 270,000 likes have been left, including one from a major A-Lister - 52-year-old Friends actress Jennifer Aniston has sent the thumbs-up.

Also commenting as she called Wilde a "beauty" was celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, with legendary actress Diane Keaton leaving a long string of heart emoji. More after the photo.

On True Beauty

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Olivia, who had donned the outfit for the Gucci Love Parade event, has been opening up on life, love, motherhood, and the importance of appreciating herself the way she is. Speaking to Vogue, the actress revealed:

"I am someone who has had two babies, I’m in my late 30s, and I love my body now more than I ever have. I enjoy the opportunity to take care of myself." The True Botanicals ambassador added: "Beauty isn’t an obligation in order to interact with the rest of the world. This is about interacting with ourselves and celebrating ourselves."

Learning From The Past Year

Referencing the pandemic, the ex to Jason Sudeikis added:

"What this past year has taught me is the most valuable thing we have in life is time and the freedom with which to spend it the way you want to and with the people you want to." She continued: "I think that it really affects your health. The way that you view your time affects your health and choosing to spend time focusing on your family, on people you love, on your health and exercise."