'Love Life' Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and Plot - Everything We Know

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Anna Kendrick is handing her Love Life torch to William Jackson Harper for season 2 of the HBO Max series.

After making her debut in the Sam Boyd-created romantic comedy as Darby Carter in May 2020, Kendrick will remain on the series but will step back from her lead role as Harper takes over for the second season as Marcus Watkins.

The new episodes of Love Life, which Kendrick not only stars in, but executive produces, was first confirmed by Deadline in June 2020.

When is the Release Date of 'Love Life' Season 2?

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Following a September release of the Love Life season 2 trailer shared by HBO Max on YouTube, fans of the anthology series learned new episodes would begin streaming on October 28.

Around the same time, an additional report from Deadline revealed that on October 28, viewers would be getting the first three episodes of the new season.

As for the rest of the season, which consists of 10 episodes in total, the following three episodes would be released on November 4 and the remaining four will be shared on November 11.


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Who is in the Cast of 'Love Life' Season 2?

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In addition to Anna Kendrick reprising her role as Darby Carter for Love Life season 2, via IMDb, Zoë Chao will be returning as Sara Yang, Sasha Compère will be back as Mallory Moore, and Peter Vack will again be starring in the role of Jim.

As for the newbies of season two, William Jackson Harper is starring in the lead actor role of Marcus Watkins while Jessica Williams appears as a character named Mia Hines and Chris Powell is featured as Yogi.

Punkie Johnson is also joining Love Life for season 2 as Ida Watkins.

What is 'Love Life' Season 2 About?

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Love Life season 2, like season 1, will follow the love life, including hookups, dates, and relationships, of the series' newest lead character, Marcus Watkins.

Whether Watkins is meeting new women for brief rendezvous or considering a long-term relationship, fans will watch as the ins and outs of his escapades are chronicled, and as those around him are seen being supportive of his choices, or not.

Anna Kendrick will also be seen on the show as her character, Darby Carter, continues her own love journey.

Anna Kendrick Shares Thoughts on 'Love Life' Season 3

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During an interview with Deadline earlier this month, Kendrick spoke of the possibility of a third season of Love Life on HBO Max.

"We really have no idea," she admitted. "It’s funny because we’ve written ourselves into a corner where if there’s ever more interactions between Darby and Marcus it’ll have to be fully in the future which is always dicey. Frankly, in Love Life season 1, we only went a couple of months into the future and then Covid hit. If we had written a year or more into the future, it wouldn’t have made sense."