Nicki Minaj's 'Barbie' Rolls-Royce Is Exactly What You'd Expect

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Nicki Minaj has the perfect car to go with her "Barbie" name on Instagram and with the bold pink tresses she sported on the social media platform this May. Spotted earlier this week in Queens, the 38-year-old rapper was the ultimate Barbie at the wheel of a pastel-pink Rolls-Royce Cullinan as she went for a night drive and chatted with some exhilarated fans.

Minaj, who has her very own real-life Ken -- husband Kenneth Petty, whom she married in 2019 and with whom she shares her 1-year-old son -- later shared photos of her eye-popping wheels on Instagram. Scroll for the pics!

Barbie Vibes

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There's no arguing that the "Barbie Dreams" rap star knows how to command attention, and that's exactly what she did as she posed next to her luxury SUV for a trio of snaps that immediately went viral on Instagram. Snagging over 3.2 million likes from her 161 million followers, the pics showed Minaj standing in front and to the side of the expensive pink Rolls-Royce that, in the words of Hot Cars, "would make Barbie jealous."

Ever the fashion icon, the Trinidadian beauty rocked slinky Dolce & Gabanna pumps and a sheer white turtleneck that let her pink bra show, draping a massive silver "Barbie" necklace on top. Minaj smiled big at the camera as she leaned against the SUV and puckered up for a kiss, posing with her hands on her waist to show off her extravagant nails that matched her bling.

Check out the photos below!

Nicki Minaj's Sweet Birthday Tribute To Drake

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In her caption, Minaj paid a sweet tribute to fellow rapper Drake, who celebrated his 35th birthday on October 24.

The "Super Bass" artist cited lyrics from an old 2010 hit song, “Moment 4 Life,” on which she collaborated with the Canadian rapper. For a trip down memory lane, watch their music video on YouTube.

Minaj also honored Drake in her Instagram story on Monday morning, sharing a picture of the two together captioned "Happy Birthday to the GOAT.”

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Pink Wheels & Elegant Red-Leather Interior

Minaj also shared a nearly three-minute video from her drive to Queens, in which she showed off more of her pink-colored Cullinan. Dubbed the "Barb-mobile" by one Instagram follower, the Rolls-Royce usually comes with a Starlight Headliner and red-colored leather seats, which fans got to admire in the clip captioned simply, "C."

The footage showed the singer pulling up to the sidewalk to talk to a group of ecstatic fans, revealing the elegant interior of her car.

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Showing Off Her Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Minaj originally debuted her pink Rolls-Royce on Instagram in a post shared over the weekend. On Saturday, she uploaded a seven-minute video wherein she flaunted the expensive SUV, revealing she calls it the "Thing-thing." She also mentioned the car's Starlight Headliner, describing it as "the pink thing on top," which she said comes in handy when she's driving her son "Papa Bear" around.

Aside from the Cullinan, the artist -- who has a cute nickname for her fans as well, calling them "Barbz" -- boasts two other gloriously pink cars: a Lamborghini Aventador she showed off back in 2013 and a Bentley Continental GT, which she calls “Barbie Bentley.”