Man 'Killing Himself' With Illegal Injections To Look Like Barbie's Ken

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Damir Mujezinovic

Actors, musicians, Instagram models, and other celebrities all use tanning products to look better on camera.

Some of them even take melanotan, a synthetic hormone which is injected via a needle. It stimulates the pigment cells in the human body and forces it to produce more melanin, thus giving the user a tan.

But some are taking things too far.

Twenty-two-year old Jimmy Featherstone from Hull, United Kingdom is "killing himself" will illegal injections, but does not plan on stopping anytime soon.

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Jimmy Featherstone

During a recent appearance on the British talk show This Morning, Featherstone said that he wants to look like Barbie's counterpart, Ken doll.

As The New York Post reported, Featherstone said on This Morning that he first started injecting himself with the substance at age 18.

The first time he tried it, he was bedridden for two days.

"I was in bed for about two days. I was really poorly, I was really hot and sick. I still do it now and I feel I’m used to what the liquid does to my body," he said.

Human Ken Doll

Featherstone said that he cannot image ever leaving his house without a tan, and stressed that his ultimate goal is to look like Barbie's Ken.

"I feel it makes me better once I’ve got a tan. I don’t leave the house without a tan. It makes me feel good about myself. Some people won’t leave the house without makeup. I won’t leave without a tan."

"I want to look more plastic -- that’s the aesthetic I like," he added.

Featherstone has allegedly spent around $14,000 on various cosmetic procedures, including cheek implants, veneers, and lip fillers.

Side Effects

Doctor Sara Kayat, a general practitioner with the UK’s National Health System, also appeared on This Morning, warning Featherstone that he is risking his life.

"These injections are illegal in the UK. It means they are completely unregulated. Which means that, firstly, they have no safety or effectiveness or quality ratings with them. We don’t know the potential side effects could be to your body," she told him.

But Featherstone indicated that he will keep injecting himself.

"You can just buy them online. You get them within two to three days and they come in little pots, and you do it every day," he said of the injections.

Human Barbie


Just as Featherstone is obsessed with looking like Ken, model Valeria Lukyanova wants to look like Barbie -- her goal, apparently, is to look like a living doll.

Lukyanova explained to InStyle that she has undergone a number of plastic surgery procedures to look like Barbie.

"Yes, I have had plastic surgery on my bust. I think that if you have shortcomings, then it's okay to correct them, which is what I did," Lukyanova said.

"I love bright people, I just adore them. I like the doll appearance because it's very harmonious and sweet," she added.