Seattle Seahawks Confirm Cam Newton Rumors

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JB Baruelo

Former New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton is currently one of the biggest names on the free agency market. Since being released by the Patriots before the start of the 2021 NFL season, Newton continues to be linked to several teams that are seeking help at the quarterback position.

Among the rumored suitors of Newton on the free agency market is the Seattle Seahawks. After Russell Wilson went down with an injury, there are growing speculations around the league that the Seahawks would explore the possibility of bringing Newton to Seattle.

Potential Deal

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In a recent interview with 710 ESPN Seattle, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll discussed several interesting topics, including the rumors linking them to Newton. Carroll confirmed that they had a recent conversation with Newton regarding a potential deal.

"Just so you know, we've already talked to him," Carroll said, via ESPN. "We're talking to everybody that could help us. To go right back to the base philosophy that we always uphold here is that we're going to be competing at every turn with whoever would be available. So we're on it."

Signing Cam Newton Makes Sense For Seahawks

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Newton would be a great addition to the Seahawks. Though Wilson is expected to return to the field this season, the Seahawks are still set to miss him for several games. Newton may no longer be in his prime but compared to Geno Smith, who is currently serving as Seattle's temporary starting quarterback, he's more capable of filling Wilson's duty while he's recovering from an injury.

Having a battle-tested quarterback like Newton would give the Seahawks insurance in case Wilson needs more time to rest or suffers another injury.

Cam Newton to Seattle?

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With their recent loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, it's obvious that the Seahawks need help at the starting quarterback position. However, as of now, it remains unknown if Newton and the Seahawks are nearing an agreement regarding a potential deal. Carroll said that their conversation with Newton was "alright," but he didn't give any further details on what type of contract they offered to the veteran quarterback.

Also, based on his interview, it seems like Newton isn't the only player that the Seahawks are targeting on the free agency market.

2021 NFL Season

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Whether it's with the Seahawks or other NFL teams, Newton remains hopeful that he could resume playing football in the 2021 NFL season.

"Hell yeah I still want to play football," Newton said in a video posted on Youtube. "I still get that urge to go out and perform and do something that I've been doing since I was 7 years old."

To increase his chances of finding a new team, Newton revealed that he already got vaccinated against COVID-19. However, he said that he still believes that being vaccinated is a "personal decision."