Madonna Gets Wild On Jimmy Fallon's Desk And Flashes Audience

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Madonna got wild on her appearance on "The Tonight Show", leaving Jimmy Fallon all flustered and panicked.

The music icon stopped by the late night show to promote her new concert film "Madame X".

In the middle of the conversation, Madonna sexily slid on Fallon's desk and teased the audience. The wild moment was shocking but not all that surprising. Madonna, after all, is the queen of sexy antics!

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Madame X Concert Film

Madonna | Instagram

Madonna is currently doing promo for her documentary "Madame X", which features some of her legendary performances, clips from infamous moments and many more shocking instances of Madonna being Madonna.

The documentary will be streaming starting October 8, exclusively on Paramount Plus.

The film opens with a James Baldwin quote, saying that "artists are here to disturb the peace".

Artists Are Here To Disturb The Peace

Madonna | Instagram

According to Madonna, this Baldwin quote inspired her. She also wanted the viewers to understand that art is important in our lives.

“Artists are here to disturb the peace,” Madonna said, referring to the James Baldwin, quote, “And so, I hope that I have disturbed not only your peace this afternoon but people’s peace while they watch the show, but I mean that in the best way.”

Fallon responded to this with, "Oh yeah, you get in good trouble.”

Sprawled On Jimmy Fallon's Desk


That seemed to be the cue for Madonna to turn on her wild side.

The 63-year-old singer slid on Fallon's desk and did some sexy poses, teasing the audience in her black minidress. She is in impressively good shape, far from the "granny gut" that some fat-shamers described her to be.

The wild stunt was completely unexpected and shocked Jimmy, causing him to stand up and briefly panic.

"I don't know what to do. Please stop." Jimmy said.

In an attempt to be a gentleman, he took off his jacket and tried to cover Madonna's backside. Good thing the singer was wearing fishnet stockings under the minidress for a little bit of coverage!

Just One More Flash!

Madonna | Instagram

Madonna eventually got off the table but did one last sexy stunt before heading back to her seat.

She lifted up her skirt and flashed her bum, giving the audience an eyeful. The crowd roared and clapped, while Jimmy covered his face with his jacket.

“Life is not just about interviewing kiddies. Don’t you want to talk to an adult? Let’s have an adult conversation.” Madonna said as she went back on her seat.

The two navigated back to promoting the documentary, while Madonna seemed satisfied disturbing Jimmy's peace and getting in "good trouble".