Are Cameron Monaghan And Noel Fisher Dating In Real Life?

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Cameron Monaghan and Noel Fisher, who portrayed fan-favorite couple, Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich, on Showtime's Shameless, had so much on-screen chemistry that fans can't help but wonder if the two are romantically involved off-screen as well.

The dynamic duo is considered to be one of TV's most enduring couples. Their unique on-screen, gay relationship stole the hearts of many fans.

But here's what fans want to know - are sparks flying between Cameron and Noel in real life too?

Noel Fisher Is Married

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Sorry to break your Gallavich hearts but Noel Fisher is actually married to actress Layla Alizada.

The two met on the set while co-starring in the TV series Godiva's in 2005. Fisher proposed in 2104 and they tied the knot in 2017.

When asked how he feels about his intimate scenes with Cameron, he has admitted that it sometimes gets awkward but his co-star makes it a little bit easier. Because the two have become really good friends in real life, they have also developed major trust in each other.

"They are kind of odd, but it makes it a lot easier being buddies with Cam. And, hey, it's our job..." Fisher said in an interview.

Cameron Monaghan Is Dating A Model

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Cameron is also in a relationship. He's currently dating model, Lauren Searle. The two became Instagram official in October 2020 and have been keeping the details of their relationship private.

The actor shared in an interview what it was like for him to play a different sexuality for the show.

“I don’t find it different than playing any other character, you know,” he told the outlet.

He also gave credit to his on-screen partner. “One of the huge factors was Ian and Mickey’s relationship and working with Noel Fisher, who is extremely talented. We had a good rapport on camera and a chemistry."

Cameron Did Date A Cast Member From Season 7

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While Cameron and Noel did not date and have nothing but a platonic bromance, Monaghan did date a co-star on the show.

Ruby Modine, who played Sierra Morton in season 7. Ruby's character, Sierra, dated Lip Gallagher in the series, but Ruby ended up dating Cameron in real life from October 2016 - March 2017.

The relationship was short-lived but the two seemed to have split amicably and moved on pretty quickly.

What They Are Up To Now

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As far as what the cast is up to now that the show has ended, Fisher has been making appearances in TV show The Conners and also appeared in film Capone.

Cameron will be starring in a thriller film The White Devil and he has also voiced a character in animated film My Love Affair With Marriage.