Eagles Owner Gives 'Green Light' On Deshaun Watson Trade, Team 'Not Sold' On Jalen Hurts

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In the past months, rumors have been continuously swirling around veteran quarterback Deshaun Watson and his future with the Houston Texans. Watson may remain an official member of the Texans' roster, but they don't seem to have any intention of letting him play in the 2021 NFL season. After initially refusing to grant his trade request in January, the Texans are now active on the market, finding a new home for their disgruntled quarterback.

One of the teams that are currently being linked to Watson is the Philadelphia Eagles.

Deshaun Watson Eyed As Potential Replacement For Jalen Hurts

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In a recent conversation with Mike Florio on Pro Football Talk Live, former NFL quarterback and current football analyst Chris Simms made an interesting revelation about Watson and the Eagles. According to Simmons, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has already given the team the "green light" to trade for Watson as they are "not sold" on Jalen Hurts as their starting quarterback.

"And you and I both know that Philadelphia is in that mix for the Deshaun Watson thing," Simms told Florio. "That’s a real thing. From everything I know, the owner has given them the green light as far as Howie Roseman and company to make that deal if it’s right."


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Deshaun Watson An Upgrade Over Jalen Hurts

Replacing Hurts with Watson would make a lot of sense for the Eagles, especially if they are serious about contending for the Super Bowl title in the 2021 NFL season. Despite the controversy that he's currently involved in, most people would agree that Watson is still a better quarterback than Hurts right now.

Unlike Hurts who's yet to prove anything in the NFL, Watson is a three-time Pro Bowl, the league's passing yards leader in 2020, and a member of the PFWA All-Rookie Team in 2017.

Deshaun Watson's No-Trade Clause Could Affect Eagles' Plan

However, the Eagles aren't the only team that is monitoring Watson's situation in Houston. Aside from the Eagles, Watson has also been linked to other NFL teams that need upgrades at the starting QB spot, including his rumored preferred landing spot, the Miami Dolphins.

"The other thing to keep in mind is that no-trade clause, because Watson wants Miami," Florio said. "And there have been some conflicting reports on whether or not he has said no to Philadelphia. I think that if Philadelphia is the only option, he’ll say yes."

Texans Lower Asking Price For Deshaun Watson


If Watson is willing to waive his no-trade clause, it would be easier for the Eagles and other potential suitors to pursue him on the trade market. Compared to the previous months when they said that they would rather keep the veteran quarterback than take "lowball offers," the Texans are no longer demanding the king's ransom for Watson.

According to a previous Inquisitr, the Texans' stance regarding their asking price for the disgruntled quarterback has "started to soften a little bit."