Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart Spotted In Rare Vacation Sighting

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Rebecca Cukier

Extremely rare photos are showing Star Wars actor Harrison Ford enjoying down-time in Croatia with wife of ten years Calista Flockhart. The 79-year-old Hollywood icon, soon back on screens with Indiana Jones 5, has been photographed enjoying the local scenery, with fans going absolutely wild over the long-term couple appearing so normal and so happy.

Calista, known for her '90s days on Ally McBeal, received particularly high praise for looking so youthful, but it was a package him-and-hers deal doing it for viewers.

Rare Sighting Shows Private Couple's Vacation

Gettyimages | Mark Mainz

Scroll for photos. Harrison and Calista wed in New Mexico back in June 2010. The 56-year-old actress has been in Croatia with her hubby and one of his four sons. Spotted in Dubrovnik and enjoying the Southern European summer, the couple was snapped on stone streets as they posed for photos.

Calista, going summery in a printed and short-sleeved HVN red dress and white sneakers, looked effortlessly gorgeous, carrying a simple woven bag and holding her face mask - Harrison, meanwhile, wore olive pants, a teal tee, plus sporty footwear.


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Both were also seen touring town sights and with locals - Harrison showed little evidence of his recent shoulder struggle, one forcing him to postpone filming for upcoming Indiana Jones as he recovered from an injury.

The photos, circulated by The Daily Mail and other outlets, quickly went viral, and fans are sending the thumbs-up. "I've always thought she was striking looking. They seem like a pretty solid couple - a rarity in Hollywood," one wrote, with over 2,000 others agreeing. Click here for the photos - scroll for more.

Fans Think She Looks Amazing At 56

Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer

While Harrison made 2020 headlines for revealing the secret to his decade-long marriage - "Don't talk, nod your head," he told Parade, it's wife Calista who dominates comments as fans react to her appearance. Void of any Kardashian glam and definitely not pulling a JLo, the TV star is proving a hit with the au natural finish.

"She looks lovely - she hasnt aged a day!" one user wrote. "I like the way they just do their thing and live their lives. Can you imagine being rescued and airlifted to safety by Harrison Ford in his own helicopter? He is a volunteer pilot and assists emergency service agencies and people in distress," another said.

Calls Himself 'Old News'

Harrison, making headlines in 2016 as Star Wars co-star Carrie Fisher penned a memoir revealing their steamy affair, shares teen son Liam with Calista. The actor also shares sons Ben and Willard with first wife Mary Marquadt, plus son Malcolm and Georgia with ex-wife Melissa Mathison.

Speaking of splitting his time between L.A. and his Wyoming Ranch, Ford joked: "I'm old news. I've been there for 35 years." He added: "If my chores are done and there's nothing more pressing and the weather's good, I'll go flying – love to fly up there – or walk in the woods, do some work, ride my road bike or mountain bike."