NFL Rumors: Coach Bill Belichick Jokes About Eagles' Asking Price For Zach Ertz

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Since the 2020 NFL season came to an end, rumors have been continuously swirling around veteran tight end Zach Ertz and his future with the Philadelphia Eagles. After failing to reach an agreement regarding a new deal with the Eagles, there are growing speculations that Ertz is actively trying to find his way out of the City of Brotherly Love.

Ertz may have decided to join the Eagles in their training camp and in the preseason, but his desire to be traded away from Philadelphia remains unchanged.

Coach Bill Belichick Intriguing Conversation With Zach Ertz

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One of the teams that are currently being linked to Ertz is the New England Patriots. The recent conversation between Ertz and Coach Bill Belichick sparked up rumors that the Patriots may be interested in adding the veteran tight end to their roster. After the joint practice between the Eagles and the Patriots on Monday morning, Belichick approached Ertz and joked about his plan to bring him to New England.

“I’m still going to get you some day,” Belichick said, as quoted by Jamie Apoday of 6abc Sports, via Twitter. “But Howie [Roseman] wants two first-round picks and two of my grandchildren!”

Zach Ertz Could Boost Patriots' Super Bowl Odds

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Some people may question why Belichick would be interested in adding an NFL player who has gone through plenty of ups and downs in the past two years. Ertz just had the worst statistical season of his career. In 11 games he played last season, he posted career-lows in receptions (36) receiving yards (335), and touchdowns (1).

However, it's worth noting that before Ertz suffered an injury, he's considered as one of the most dominant tight ends in the league. Also, Ertz played a major role in the Eagles' victory over Belichick's Patriots in the Super Bowl LII. If Ertz could regain his Pro Bowl form, he would undoubtedly boost the Patriots' odds of winning another Super Bowl.

Zach Ertz-To-Patriots Trade Unlikely To Happen Soon

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Had the conversation between Ertz and Belichick happened early in the 2021 NFL offseason, most people would believe that the Patriots were seriously trying to acquire the veteran tight end from the Eagles. When the 2020 NFL season was concluded, the Patriots were active on the market, searching for upgrades at the tight end position.

However, according to SB Nation's Pats Pulpit, the Ertz-to-Patriots trade is already "highly unlikely" to happen, especially after the team invested in Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry earlier this summer.

Departure Of Zach Ertz From Eagles Is Inevitable

Though it remains a big question mark if the Patriots have a real interest in trading for Ertz, most people think that the veteran tight end's departure from the City of Brotherly Love is inevitable. With his disappointing performance last year and his known unhappiness with the team, the Eagles are better off moving Ertz than letting him become a major distraction on the team in the 2021 NFL season.

On Twitter, Adam Koffler of FantasyPros said that the impressive performance of Tyree Jackson in the training camp should make it easier for the Eagles to part ways with Ertz.