Alexandra Daddario Shares Tense Bed Scene From New TV Series

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Rebecca Cukier

Alexandra Daddario 100% knew how to get fans tuning into her new HBO Max series last night. The 35-year-old actress, fresh from opening up on why her early days on True Detective changed her career, made her Sunday Instagram update an eye-catching promo one, posting ahead of the weekend's airing of The White Lotus and with co-star Jake Lacy.

The hit series, which also stars Jennifer Coolidge, Natasha Rothwell, and Connie Britton, brings both horror and drama. The photo here was more about the drama - bedtime version.

An Episode Worth Checking Out

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Scroll for the photo. The White Lotus, shot on location in Hawaii and bringing masked beach selfies from Alexandra as she filmed the series over much of 2020, sees her join a group of holiday-makers and employees at the real-life White Lotus Resort and Spa.

In the miniseries, Daddario plays Rachel, a journalist, joined at the resort by her on-screen husband Shane, played by Jake Lacy. Clearly, the couple wasn't having one of its easiest moments as a rather cold vibe dominated a bedtime moment.


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See The Snap Below

In the photo, the Baywatch bombshell is seen seated at the edge of a hotel bed and wearing a plunging and strappy multicolor sundress. Her shoes are kicked off and she herself looks a little ticked off - either this, or worried.

Jake, meanwhile, on the bed and wearing a t-shirt as he reads a book, doesn't appear to be communicating with his on-screen wife any more than she is with him - the two, backed by a bathroom with a giant circular tub, seem to be having difficulty communicating.

Opens Up On The Series


Taking to her caption, Daddario offered no clues or hints, merely writing: "Check out another episode of #thewhitelotus tonight at 9pm on HBO Max."

The blue-eyed beauty, who has stated she didn't expect to "work at all" during the pandemic, opened up fully to Collider about the series now getting rave reviews, saying: “I’m really really — I’m really really — uh this was a luck one. I’m really grateful to be a part of it. It’s a really cool story. I had a great time with the character."

Up For Shooting In Hawaii

The filming did, indeed, bring idyllic beaches and waterfall hikes, all parts of the perks Alexandra has enjoyed via being a cast member.

"I really believed in the project but there wasn’t anything tactical about it except ‘Wow, what a great job to get in the middle of the pandemic, and it shoots in Hawaii. That’s great, let’s do it.’ You know?” she added.

Over on Alexandra's Instagram, it's been love for the show and for new boyfriend Andrew Form. The couple made their second red carpet appearance last month as they attended the ESPY Awards.