Police Car Fleet In Dubai Getting $1.4m Aston Martin

Dubai’s police car fleet will soon have a new addition to its ranks to go with that tasty Lamborghini Aventador: a $1.4 million Aston Martin One-77.

In case you’re not keeping count, that means Dubai cops will have access to a Dodge Charger, a BMW 5-Series, a Bentley, a Mercedes-Benz SLS, a Ferrari FF, the aforementioned Aventador, and now the beast above.

Local news site Emirates 24/7 has confirmed Dubai’s latest cop supercar will be unveiled Monday,while Jalopnik also reports on rumors that the Aston Martin police car will be one of only seven vehicles that form the Q Series One-77.

That means it will come with additional carbon fiber, extra interior additions, and an HD video camera attached.

However, much like the Aventador, this police car won’t be used to chase down perps (though a top speed of 220mph would make that a breeze – even in supercar-dominated Dubai).

Instead, it will cruise its way around Dubai’s tourist districts in a bid to show just how damn classy the Persian Gulf emirate is.

One expects the car will come in the green-and-white colors of the Dubai force, and local reports suggest it will soon be joined by a number of American muscle car Camaros.

Jalopnik also says the grainy-as-hell image below has been doing the rounds on the ‘net, so this might be Dubai’s most ostentatious police car to date:

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