Barack Obama Official Sounds Alarm On Hunter Biden's Art Scheme

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Tyler MacDonald

A former Barack Obama official recently sounded the alarm on Hunter Biden's art auction.

As reported by National Review, Obama-era Office of Government Ethics chief Walter Shaub made an appearance on CNN on Friday in which he suggested that the White House's decision to allow Hunter Biden to sell his art could easily be abused to create a bribery scheme.

The art auction is part of a White House deal that allows Hunter Biden to sell his artwork.

Notably, the prices of Hunter Biden's artwork reach as high as $500,000 and will be hidden from the artist.

Shaub Noted The Rampant Money Laundering In The Art Industry

During his appearance on CNN, Shaub pushed back on White House press secretary Jen Psaki's comments on the standards of the art industry.

“They have outsourced government ethics to an art dealer. She mentioned industry standards. It’s an industry that’s notorious for money laundering. There’s no standards in that industry."

"How are they going to decide what’s unreasonable when they’ve already priced it in the range of $75,000 to $500,000 for a first outing?" he asked, calling the auction "preposterous" and "very disappointing."

Shaub Slammed The White House's Involvement

According to Shaub, the White House's decision to act as an intermediary in Hunter Biden's auction is a poor one that will not prevent ethical violations, as it suggested.

"They’ve absolutely made it worse, for two reasons. One: What they’ve done is ensure that neither you nor I nor anyone watching this show will know who buys the art unless they share it publicly."

According to Shaub, there is nothing that can be done to monitor the White House or Hunter Biden amid the action.

Others Have Raised Concerns About Hunter Biden's Art Auction

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Shaub is not the only one to raise concerns about Hunter Biden's art auction.

As reported by National Review, ethics experts have pointed to the large price tag of Hunter Biden's artowork, which they argue is tied to his family name.

"They have suggested that the buyers of his creations are unlikely to be real art-appreciating connoisseurs or collectors but rather individuals looking to purchase clout, preferential treatment, and influence," the outlet noted.

The plan will likely to little to assuage concerns about the Biden family's corruption.

The Bidens Have Long Been Accused Of Corruption

The Biden family has long faced accusations of corruption.

As The Inquisitr reported, actor and comedian Russell Brand previously highlighted alleged evidence of media outlets and social media networks hiding the Biden family's business dealings and alleged corruption during the 2020 election.

Brand's comments were similar to remarks made by Breitbart editor-in-chief, Alex Marlow, who has long argued that the Biden family is mired in corruption.

Hunter Biden has also yet top sell his shares in BHR Partners, which is co-owned by China's central bank, as he pledged.