June 19, 2013
Justin Bieber Collapses, Video Now Released

By now the internet should be aware that famed pop star Justin Bieber collapsed last night during a show in O2 in London. TMZ had at first obtained the footage of Bieber's manager Scooter Braun explaining that Bieber was short of breath the whole show, but would finish it out for the fans even though organizers urged he should go to the hospital.

After Bieber closed the show, Bieber did go to the hospital, and then tweeted a shirtless picture to all of his adoring fans that were holding their breath waiting to see if there was anything serious pending for the singer. Now we have obtained the actual footage of Bieber collapsing in front of O2 audience.

However, the initial report isn't what it seems. The footage actually shows Bieber hunched over and out of breath, and taking a pause. That's the extent of Bieber's collapse on stage. Although some reports say that it was back stage where Bieber collapsed, so at least Bieber was in privacy when he went out.

After the concert was halted while Bieber was recovering with medical staff on the scene, Bieber's manager Braun told the worried fans that Bieber was light of breath and that he was backstage with EMTs and the doctor. This erupted into some hysteria as some fans thought he wouldn't finish the show.

Even though Bieber finished out the show, fans had a right to be concerned. Justin had a bit of a rough week, as it was reported he let concert goers wait two hours before showing up and performing earlier in the week. Bieber had been greeted by boos from the fed up crowd, but that was earlier in the week. Now fans seems to be a little more understanding of Bieber as he copes with his post-collapse by listening to Janis Joplin.

Watch the footage of Justin Bieber getting lightheaded via Perez Hilton: