Kristen Bell Gives Off 'Pretty Woman' Vibes In Textured Swimsuit

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Treva Bowdoin

Kristen Bell attempted to promote a giveaway on Instagram, but the picture that she picked for her post possibly attracted a little too much attention. Instead of following the instructions in her caption, many of her followers used the comments section to share their thoughts about the distinctive swimsuit that The Good Place star was wearing. It reminded many fans of an iconic dress that Julia Roberts rocks in the movie Pretty Woman.

Scroll on to check out her hot summer look.

A Fun Take On The Famous Hooker Dress

Kristen had on a two-toned one-piece constructed out of thick textured fabric. The upper half was white, and the bottom half was bright blue. Cut outs exposed Kristen's sides, and a silver ring joined the two halves to create a monokini silhouette.

The actress also rocked a straw hat with a red hat band. It was pulled down low over her eyes to shade her face from the sun. She was stretched out on a lounge chair with a canned drink in hand and a contented smile on her lips.

The Story Behind Julia Roberts' Iconic Look

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Kristen's swimsuit appeared to be inspired by the similar mini dress that Julia Roberts rocks in the 1990 romantic comedy Pretty Woman. Her character, Vivian Ward, wears it at the beginning of the movie when she's working as a prostitute, and she also has it on during the film's famous shopping scenes on Rodeo Drive.

Interestingly, costume designer Marilyn Vance told ELLE that Vivian's now-iconic dress was actually based on a bathing suit from the '60s that she used to own. She revealed hat the piece was one of her "favorites."

Fans Love The Retro Look

In her caption, Kristen revealed that she was partnering with the hard seltzer brand Spindrift Spiked to give away a "perfect July 4th party package" to five lucky people. However, it was her swimsuit, not the prospect of scoring free stuff, that had many of her followers in a frenzy.

"Ok but is this the Pretty Woman dress as a bathing suit?! šŸ˜," wrote one commenter.

"This bathing suit is giving me Pretty Woman energy," added another.

"These are the summer vibes that Iā€™m looking for! šŸ‘ā¤ļø," read a third message.

Kristen Keeps Killing It On The 'Gram

Kristen's IG posts are always pretty popular, even when they're of the promotional variety. She previously had her followers in stitches when she modeled a bra from Harper Wilde. She confessed that she had avoided wearing supportive undergarments for months while she was stuck at home during the pandemic, and she came up with a number of funny euphemisms for her abandoned bras. They included "Nipple Knapsack," "Honker Hankey," and "Upper Decker Flopper Stoppers." But who needs to rock an over-the-shoulder boulder holder when you have such fabulous swimwear to lounge around in?