Nicole Scherzinger Offers Unexpected Workout Tip In Tight Leggings

Nicole Scherzinger smiles close up

Nicole Scherzinger's insanely-toned figure today accompanied a bit of a winging it workout, one that came with the 42-year-old dishing out unexpected and humorous fitness tips. On Wednesday, the Pussycat Dolls face and reality judge updated her Instagram with a very bodacious sweat session, posting in skin-tight leggings and accompanied by rugby player boyfriend Thom Evans. The bulimia survivor, whose healthy lifestyle now regularly tops celebrity workout goals lists, showcased her sense of humor above all, although there was plenty to look at. Check it out below.

Not What Fans Expected

Nicole Scherzinger in silky jacket

Scroll for the video. Nicole, whose abs can easily make a headline on their own, today mentioned the torso muscle, but she was arguably highlighting her super-fit body overall.

The video showed the "Buttons" hit-maker free-style working out in dance mode and from an indoor gym. Nicole, wearing clingy, high-waisted, and two-tone leggings in gray and black, also sported a long-sleeved and figure-hugging crop top, with the stylish gym piece definitely highlighting her famous frame. Shaking it and dancing around, the Hawaii native whipped her hair, eventually entering into medicine-ball reps on her mat.

See The Video!

Bursting with fun energy and seeing a shirtless Thom mirroring her in the background as he, too, busted out moves, Nicole took to her caption, writing: 

"I mean, I heard that dancing and laughing gives you better abs than crunches anyway?"

A tag also gave a nod to rapper Pitbull for the music creds. Speaking of cred, Nicole snagged herself plenty, with comments coming in fast. "I love it," one fan replied with a cry-face emoji. "Love this. Love you guyss....also...body-ody-ody-ody-ody-oddddy," another said. More photos after the video.

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Nicole Scherzinger and boyfriend outdoor selfie

The vibe might be jokes as Nicole entertains the 'Gram, but The Masked Singer judge goes hard-core when it comes to most of her workouts. She's also spoken out on her exact routine, stating: "In a typical workout I would run on the treadmill maybe 20 mins, then try to do some squats, some sit-ups on the exercise ball, some yoga stretches."

"When I’m home I like to take a spinning class called Soul Cycle or I like to do hot yoga," she added. More photos below.

What She Eats

Scherzinger has suffered from an eating disorder, but the recovered star is now solidly on the path of health, also paying careful attention to her nutrition.

"For breakfast I love eggs and toast and smoked salmon or bacon, or porridge. For lunch I like maybe some soup or some sushi. For dinner, anything from pasta to rice, and meats and veggies, to sushi."

Cheat foods are there, too, with the star revealing: "When I’m going to indulge, I love pasta, pizza, I love Mexican with lots of cheese. I love French fries, or [chips]."