Teacher-Model Forced To Resign Over Pics

A teacher and model forced to resign from a Florida high school said that she was approached by her principal, who asked her to leave one month before the end of the school year over modeling pictures.

Martin County High School English teacher Olivia Sprauer was called to her principal’s office, where she was confronted with photos of her modeling a bathing suit. She confirmed that the photos were taken from her modeling portfolio.

At that point, the principal, who remained unnamed in the report but according to the school website is Alfred Fabrizio, then asked for her immediate resignation and had her escorted from the premises.

(The pics can be seen online courtesy of the WPTV web team.)

The incident occurred on April 29. At this time, the school has only issued an official statement confirming that Sprauer no longer works for the district.

The teacher, who plans to continue her modeling career while attending graduate school, said she was not upset with the school’s decision, but admitted that she missed her students.

(We’re sure the feeling is mutual.)

Aside from the teacher-model forced to resign, another school instructor recently came under fire for purchasing copies of Fifty Shades of Grey and dispensing them to his ninth grade students.

On May 3, The Inquisitr reported on Philip Aidoo, the Eastern University Academy Charter School instructor, who took requests from his students over which books they would like to read.

Apparently unaware that Fifty Shades was an erotica novel — and oblivious to the fact that that book in particular has blurbs and warnings all over it alerting readers to the material’s graphic nature — Aidoo supplied each student with a copy.

Maya Ladson, the mother of a male student, called the school, infuriated. “This was a 100 percent act of negligence. There should never be pornographic material purchased and distributed to a student by a school teacher,” Ladson told NBC News. “I find it highly unlikely that a teacher who teaches reading and has a classroom for sustained silent reading period is unaware of contents of material that he’s giving to the students.”

(The school has suspended Aidoo pending an investigation.)

Back to the teacher-model forced to resign, since Sprauer’s modeling pics were done on her own time, do you see any difference between hers and Aidoo’s actions? Should either of these teachers lose their jobs?

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