Savannah Chrisley Celebrates Memorial Day In Mint-Green Bikini On Yacht

Savannah Chrisley couldn't have looked more summer-ready in her frilly, ruched, and mint-green bikini today. The 23-year-old reality star and budding beauty entrepreneur was all smiles as she celebrated Memorial Day weekend on Monday, posting for her 2.2 million Instagram followers and offering up quite the lifestyle envy. The Southern Belle did take a moment to mark the somber day honoring fallen U.S. servicemen and women, with the touching Instagram message balanced out by some yacht fun. Check it out below. 

Memorial Day Vibes

Savannah Chrisley smiles in white tank

Scroll for the video. Savannah was not alone as she filmed a yacht cruising through ocean waters and with the sun beating down. The Nashville-based star was hanging out with celebrity adored aesthetician Candace Marino, a.k.a. "The L.A. Facialist" - Chrisley may be selling $12 Lip Kits, but the daughter to Todd Chrisley goes high-end for her own skincare.

Footage of Savannah's views also took in a billowing U.S. flag on the yacht, with Savannah taking to caps as she wrote: "GOD BLESS THE USA."

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Savannah, who has been making headlines for grueling morning workouts and even joking "GOODBYE" as she left the gym this month, was showing off the results of her sweat sessions. Fans saw the SASSY by Savannah cosmetics founder all golden tan and healthy-looking, rocking a pastel and girly bikini, statement metallic shades, and her trademark blonde hair.

The chill video, big-time upping the luxury, also served as a reminder that Savannah is earning her cash. Seemingly also splashing it. More photos below.

Memorial Day Moment


Savannah also took to a permanent post where she quoted Ronald Reagan and took a moment to honor Memorial Day for its true meaning. She told fans:

"Not going to say “Happy Memorial Day”... because this weekend is one of the longest/saddest weekends many families will have." Chrisley added: "Today is not about a day off of’s about honoring and remembering those who loved like Jesus and sacrificed their lives for ours. God bless you all and your families." See the replies below.

Fans React

Savannah and Todd Chrisley indoors

Fans largely seemed to appreciate that Savannah had actually bothered to mark Memorial Day.

"Amen. Thank you. Seeing so many celebs in bikinis saying to enjoy the day off. Thank you for acknowledging that our freedoms were paid for by blood of selfless military personnel. Thank you!" one wrote, with another saying:

"Thank you. Unless you've been handed that folded flag, or had one handed to your family. You will never fully know the pain." Savannah was also called a "class act" for honoring the fallen.