Gisele Bundchen Gives Off Goddess Vibes, Proclaims 'Nature Doesn't Judge'

Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy

Ava Bennet

Whenever model Gisele Bundchen isn't surprising her 17.2 million Instagram followers with sweet snaps of her family, she's heading out into nature to stun them with serene images that capture both her own beauty and the beauty of the world around her. Her latest share fell into the latter camp, and according to the hashtags she used in her caption, she opted to share the snap for Biodiversity Day.

Gisele didn't include a geotag that named her exact location, but she was perched atop a rock with an absolutely breathtaking view of a scenic river with a waterfall in the distance.

Glowing Goddess

The gently flowing, slightly frothy white water cascaded down the rock surface, darting left and right in a zig-zag pattern as it made it's way down to the calm river or stream beneath it.

Several of the rocks were covered in a vibrant green moss, and towards the edges of the shot, several leafy green trees could also be spotted. The contrast between the lush greenery and the natural brown color palette of the rocks and stones immersed in the water made for an incredible shot.

Nature Lover

Gisele looked casual and gorgeous in a pair of high-waisted yoga pants that were a muted pink hue. She paired the figure-hugging bottoms with an oversized top that appeared to be crafted of some type of woven linen fabric, the texture evident even in the photo. 

The garment had long sleeves that Gisele rolled up to just above her elbows, and she had her legs crossed and her arms outstretched as she took in the beautiful view in front of her.

Stunning & Scenic

Her long brunette locks were styled in a messy braid that hung down the middle of her back, and she kept the accessories very simple, adding a delicate bracelet on one forearm as her only adornment. Her palms were open and outstretched towards the water, and she looked serene and peaceful, similar to the way she looks in her many posts focused on meditation.

She paired the arresting shot with a long caption singing nature's praises, reminding her followers that by communing with nature they could "begin to create a more loving, supportive world where we can all thrive." 

Let It Flow

Her fans loved the share, and it racked up over 174,900 likes within 22 hours, including a like from The Office star Angela Kinsey. 

"What a beautiful and tranquil picture," one fan wrote.

"Love this! Nature is definitely so harmonizing," another follower commented, agreeing with Gisele's caption.

Gisele is never afraid to let her inner yogi shine. Back in October 2020, as The Inquisitr reported, she rocked an oversized sweater and went without pants as she did some yoga, looking absolutely radiant. Those who want to get even more of her energy can check out the guided meditation she has with Insight Timer, aimed at balancing chakras.