Carmen Electra's Cleavage For Sale In Risqué Bidding War

Carmen Electra is selling off her famous assets for a good cause - a little more for rent than sale, but the latter was still Yahoo's take as the 49-year-old bombshell teams up with JeffBezos4Skin to raise cash for breast cancer research. Carmen, followed by 1.3 million on Instagram, has been busy promoting the opportunity for anyone parting with enough cash to use her cleavage as a space for artwork - she's also been appearing on digital art collector @jeffbezos4skin's social. Check it out below.

Highest Bidder Wins

Carmen Electra in black top

Scroll for the photos. Carmen, who made 2020 headlines for her appearances on the ESPN-aired The Last Dance and is now in the news for launching a beauty line, was back to making her famous curves the talking point over the weekend. Photos showed the star, born Tara Leigh Patrick, offering "digital real estate" on her chest as she posed with an example.

Shot amid greens, Carmen sizzled in skin-tight black latex, leaning forward in her dress and with "PUT YOUR MESSAGE, ART, OR LOGO HERE" digitally added to her chest.

See The Photo!

A caption from the Ohio native addressed fans, opening: "

Excited about my new NFT collab with @jeffbezos4skin 🖤 the highest bidder will win the chance to put whatever they want on my cleavage , from a logo to digital art to a personal message , the space will be theirs to keep forever on this digital NFT !"

Proceeds are going to both The Breast Cancer Research foundation and the Stand Up To Cancer one. Scroll for more photos and the reactions after the snap!

'Keep Up To Date With My Cleavage'

Carmen's sense of humor, clearly not amiss here, was well-placed as the caption closed. The Baywatch bombshell concluded: "to keep up to date with my cleavage for a good cause , check out"

"Carmen I just would like to say that you are really beautiful and thank you for being such great motivation, have a great weekend!! :)," one fan replied. Carmen has also spoken her mind on her chest being up for sale - she even made a snide joke about NBA player ex Dennis Rodman. See it below.

Drops Ex Reference

Speaking of the collab, the GoGo skincare founder stated: "My NFTs are not only here to arouse you, but here to make you money, which by the way you will enjoy for much longer than my marriage to Dennis Rodman."

Carmen joins her former co-star Pamela Anderson in stripping down to raise cash for good causes. Pamela, 53, has been a PETA ambassador for decades, also continuing to fight for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Carmen, interestingly, has more Instagram followers than blonde Pamela.