Luke Evans Cast In ‘The Crow’ Reboot

Luke Evans has reportedly been cast as the lead in The Crow.

After a handful of false starts and dead ends, it would appear that producers have finally found someone to tackle the role. Evans, who is best known for his roles in Immortals and Clash of the Titans, has been selected to star as Eric Draven in the reboot.

Deadline is reporting that Luke Evans’ casting in the flick is pretty much a done deal. This should effectively end the rampant speculation surrounding the project.

The folks at Relativity Media are reportedly so interested in getting Evans to star in The Crow that they’ve pushed the film’s start date into early next year. Unless something happens between now and then, it’s believed that F. Javier Gutierrez will still direct the project.

A number of top-tier actors were attached to the reboot at one point or another prior to Luke Evans’ unexpected involvement. The most recent rumors suggested that both Alexander Skarsgard and Tom Hiddleston were shoe-ins for the role. Obviously, this isn’t the case any longer.

The Crow series has starred a number of familiar faces over the years. In addition to Brandon Lee, the franchise previously tapped Vincent Perez, Eric Mabius, and Edward Furlong for the lead role. Iron Chef America host Marc Dacascos tackle the role in the short-lived television series based on the books.

Luke Evans certainly has his hands full at the moment. In addition to appearing in the upcoming Hobbit films, the actor also portrays the villain in the highly-anticipated summer flick Fast and Furious 6. Evans was also recently cast in the upcoming Dracula adaptation.

The actor stars in acclaimed Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamura’s horror flick No One Lives as well. The movie opens in theaters across the US on May 10.

Are you a fan of Luke Evans? Do you think the actor is the right choice to star in The Crow?