'One Piece' Chapter 1012 Spoilers, Release Date: Eiichiro Oda Taking A Golden Week Break

Straw Hat Pirates go on an adventure
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One Piece Wano Arc recently showed a surprising turn of events as Big Mom Pirates captain and Emperor Charlotte Linlin decided to join forces with Tama and fight against Beast Pirates captain and Emperor Kaido and his crew. With Emperor Big Mom on the Straw Hat Pirates' side, Emperor Kaido's subordinates who are fighting at the banquet hall would definitely be in huge trouble.

Unfortunately for fans, they would still be needing to wait a little longer to confirm whether the lady Yonko really decided to team up with the Straw Hat Pirates alliance or not.

One Piece Manga Goes On Another Hiatus

A week after the manga went on a hiatus, One Piece is set to go on another break. One Piece hiatuses became more frequent after the coronavirus spread in Japan. To slow down the increasing numbers of infected individuals, the Japanese government enforced strict quarantine protocols that affected several businesses including the anime and manga industries.

However, according to Devdiscourse, the recent One Piece hiatus is due to the Golden Week holiday.

"The Japanese manga chapter will not release this Sunday for the Golden Week holidays in Japan and the manga writer has been given a week off. This week Japan will celebrate its Golden Week, a national holiday. All the manga scheduled for release this Sunday will be on a break."

One Piece Chapter 1012 Release Date

One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda and his staff are expected to spend the Golden Week holiday to rest and spend time with their respective families. After the Golden Week, the popular manga is set to return to action. As Devdiscourse noted, One Piece Chapter 1012 will be officially released on May 9, 2021.

For fans who couldn't wait for the manga to be officially available on VIZ media, MangaPlus, and Shonen Jump's official websites and platforms, spoilers are expected to come out a few days earlier.

Emperor Big Mom Could End Alliance With Emperor Kaido

The official flag of the Beast Pirates
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Though they are still plenty of days left before One Piece Chapter 1012 officially comes out, fans have already started discussing what will happen next. According to Blocktoro, the upcoming chapter of One Piece could feature Emperor Big Mom officially ending her alliance with Emperor Kaido and the Beast Pirates. After reuniting with Tama, Emperor Big Mom has a change of heart, especially after her little ninja friend told her what the Beast Pirates did to Okobore Town.

Emperor Big Mom has already made her first move when she beat Page One, and she's expected to continue wreaking havoc until she gives justice to the people of Okobore Town.

Continuation Of Battle Between Emperor Kaido And Luffy

One Piece Chapter 1012 is also expected to show the continuation of the battle between Emperor Kaido and Straw Hat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy. Despite being knocked out multiple times, Luffy still expressed strong confidence that he could take down the strongest creature in the world.

Compared to his previous battle, Luffy has already shown a massive improvement with his Haki. Like Kaido and other legendary pirates, Luffy could now combine his Conqueror's Haki with his attacks. Luffy is so confident in defeating Emperor Kaido that he decided to send Trafalgar D. Water Law and Roronoa Zoro down and deal with the monster on his own.