Chanel West Coast Highlights 99 Problems In Louis Vuitton Bikini

Chanel West Coast smiles in a hat

Chanel West Coast "got 99 problems" but a "beach" ain't one. The 32-year-old rapper and MTV face big-time proved she knows her hip-hop references last night, posting for her 3.5 million Instagram followers and in a jaw-dropping multicolor Louis Vuitton swimsuit, even whacking on a matching bucket hat. Updating right from shores and showing off her pretty insane beach body, Chanel went humorous as usual, but her high-end designer merch was no joke. The video is even getting celebrity likes. See why below. 

99 Problems But A Beach Ain't One

Scroll for the video. It wouldn't be the first beach headline from Chanel this year, with the Ridiculousness star already making the news in 2021 for her Miami Beach travels, ones that resulted in lobster-level sunburn.

Playing her pandemic "No Plans" track to accompany the video, Chanel showed off buns of steel and the pandemic weight loss she's admitted to, seen prancing around and preening herself in a super-tiny fade-color-effect Louis Vuitton bathing suit with white straps, a full monogram, and a very cheeky rear finish.

See Her Louis!

All bombshell with her long legs, apple bottom, and wearing a matching hat in monogrammed pink, plus retro white shades, the rapper spent most of the video flaunting it, but she did briefly swing over to her beach accessories, with fans seeing Christian Louboutin wedge sandal heels, a towel, and the "Alcoholic" rapper's LV bag. Heavy on the curves, heavy on the Louis.

"I got 99 problems but a beach ain't one," Chanel wrote, quoting rapper Jay-Z. Scroll for more photos after the video.  

Scroll For Her Versace Bodysuit!

It's literally been all brands of late from Chanel, whose own middle name is a French luxury label. The star has rocked matching Versace sweats on her MTV series, she's made headlines this year for a "Beverly Hills Booty" post in full Burberry, and she this month dedicated three entire Instagram posts to a painted-on Versace bodysuit. Chanel has even dedicated a track, "Karl," to late Chanel director Karl Lagerfeld.

West Coast continues to run her own affordable merch line: LOL Cartel. More photos below.

Explaining Her Name

Chanel has opened up on her unusual, but very trendy, name. 

"Well Chanel’s my middle name. It’s funny, my mom, when she got pregnant with me, she lived in New York, so my first name is Chelsea after where she lived--she lived in Chelsea--and my middle name is Chanel because that was her favorite perfume," she told Fashionista, adding: 

"Then West Coast, that added on kind of by accident. I was making my MySpace music page and every single Chanel was taken, so I was like, okay well I’m a West Coast artist, so I’ll just make it Chanel West Coast."