YouTuber Emma Chamberlain Has No Words In Stringy Bikini

Emma Chamberlain close up

Emma Chamberlain is sunbathing in a stringy bikini and she's got no words. The 19-year-old YouTube sensation and Chamberlain's Coffee founder, currently experiencing immense career success as she is also the face of luxury designer brand Louis Vuitton, has been making sure her Instagram following stays healthy, with a fresh post bringing some bikini action. Emma, who tends to go edgy or funky with her updates, had done both in her Friday share, and she gave her 12.6 million followers plenty to look at. Check it out below.

It's Always Bikini Season

Scroll for the photos, ones that come as Emma is profiled by every media outlet around, with the say-it-how-it-is star now dishing on her self-care routine. 

Opening with a casual bikini sunbathe, Emma's post today showed her plonked on her front and on grass while scrolling her phone. The social media sensation, who is running a veritable coffee empire with her brand, was on a lawn-set rug and stripped down to the tiniest red-print and halterneck bikini, also going mismatched in thong black bikini bottoms. 

Keep Scrolling For The Photos!

Emma Chamberlain sweater selfie

Shot with some glare reflection, but managing to highlight her gorgeous figure, Emma then drove her fans to swipe right, where images included some yellow-painted architecture, a fuzzy knitted wool shot alongside the star's red-painted nails, plus a toilet selfie - here, the edginess was back with full force.

Emma, who tends to offer a caption, was outta words, though, only using an emoji. "FIRST," a fan quickly replied. Others, meanwhile, had noticed the shot of a crystal: "Your hands be scary directions on that crystal," one wrote.

See Her Itty-Bitty Bikini

Swipe below for the full gallery - scroll for more photos. 

Emma, whose Signature Brew Bags are now offering up five different blends, is now making headlines more than just for her coffee - a "very, very large cold brew with almond milk" was her morning drink when Refinery29 profiled her back in September 2020. The star is fresh from a massive Glamour feature, one seeing her list hip brands including Tatcha for her skincare routine.

"If someone touches my Tatcha, it's over, because that one looks like it was found in a cave in the seven wonders of the world or something."

More photos below.

Little Miss Popular

Emma added: "You guys are making me feel like I'm J.Lo—it comes with the little gold spoon! Just get me a cheap Burt's Bees, because if I lose it, it's a nobody-gets-hurt type of thing."

Emma launched her coffee brand in 2019. She recalls childhood latte outings with her mother, noting the "amazing" cafes in Northern California and saying they turned her into a "coffee snob" at a young age. 

Emma's Instagram is now followed by celebrities including actress Bella Thorne and model Bella Hadid.