Mark Harmon Talks ‘NCIS,’ Won’t Take Credit For Show’s Success

Mark Harmon has refused to take credit for the success of NCIS.

Although Harmon is considered to be one of the biggest stars currently on television, the actor won’t take credit for the show’s continued popularity.

Mark Harmon explained to Tracy Smith on CBS Sunday Morning that he believes the success of NCIS is a team effort. Since he feels that everyone has helped make the program a hit, Harmon refused to label himself as the person responsible for its success.

“Eh, it’s too early,” Mark Harmon said when asked why he couldn’t take credit for NCIS. ” I don’t believe it’s just me. You know, I believe we all do it together here.”

Regardless of who’s responsible for making the series so popular, the show continues to draw in a whopping 22 million viewers each week. It would seem that the crime drama isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Harmon admitted that he wasn’t sure how long the show would last when he signed on for the project. The series is currently enjoying its 10th season.

“I think all actors think their ride is going to last forever. We’re kind of naive — or I am, anyway,” the acclaimed actor explained.

Smith also asked the actor if he thought the series would survive if producers decided to kill off his character. Since Mark Harmon doesn’t take credit for making the network a ton of money, he believes that NCIS could easily carry on in his absence.

“I’m a team guy… I think anybody can leave. I think we all think that here. And that’s kind of surprising on one level. The other level — it’s what we do. It’s not an actor’s choice. Our choice is to play the role. And that’s all I’ve ever tried to do,” the actor said.

Are you a fan of Mark Harmon? Do you think the actor is responsible for the show’s success? Would it continue to be popular if Harmon decided to leave?

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