Gymnast Nastia Liukin Highlights Massive Thigh Gap After Shower

Nastia Liukin close up

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin is catching the eye with her massive thigh gap while bidding her 1 million Instagram followers good morning. The 31-year-old five-time Olympic medalist, fresh from headline-making travels to California, is now back in her Dallas, TX base, with Thursday seeing the blonde resume the Gold Medal body show-offs as she stunned fans from her home. Nastia, who included dog Harley in her selfie, was all legs and miniskirt, and she sent out good vibes for fans who often give her a hard time. Check it out below.



Scroll for the selfie, one that comes as Nastia makes headlines outside of the gymnastics world. While February brought the Nastia Cup, March saw Liukin unveiled as the new celebrity face of home retailer Pottery Barn. The interiors caught today likely came courtesy of the brand Nastia holds a partnership with.

Likely getting fans more focused on the body than the wood floor decor, Nastia updated with a mirror selfie and in a good mood while showing off in a short, segmented-effect miniskirt in black and white.

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Flashing some abs as she also wore a tiny white crop top, the 2008 all-around champion kept it unfussy with slicked-back wet hair, heavily suggesting she was fresh out the shower. The Russian-born sensation, cocking her head and smiling confidently, folded one leg slightly as she highlighted her thigh gap, with dog Harley seen in front of her.

"Morning," the simple caption read. Liukin might make headlines for flaunting her figure, but the latest has brought mystery as fans wonder what she was doing out in CA.

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Last month, Nastia jetted out to Palm Springs, CA, winding up at hotspot Joshua Tree, then closing from a luxury boutique hotel in Laguna Beach. 

"Something is coming. something that has been a DREAM. something that has been on my vision board for years.... now after years of manifesting, hard work, and the best team ever - it’s freaking happening," she wrote. Days later, the Volition beauty partner, who already retails a $55 Celery Green Cream with the brand, announced she'd expanded her range to include yet another celery-based product.

More photos below!

Not Just A Pretty Face

Liukin has been dropping mad quotes and a ton of meaning on her Instagram, with a recent shot seeing the star photographed poolside and from behind. The caption followed suit as Nastia told fans:

"Be thankful for closed doors, detours, and roadblocks. they protect you from paths and places not meant for you."

Nastia made October 2020 headlines for a massive anorexia clap-back after a fan DM asked how she feels about "promoting borderline anorexia looking bodies." The gymnast did not appreciate being skinny-shamed.