Bella Thorne Celebrates 3 Million Views Without Pants

Rebecca Cukier

Bella Thorne is celebrating her own popularity and doing it pantless. The 23-year-old actress, singer, and Life of a Wannabe Mogul  author has snagged herself a sweet 3 million views in just two days for new "Phantom" single, with the former Disney star dedicating her Monday Instagram update to marking the milestone. Bella, who made 2020 headlines for earning $1 million in 24 hours for her OnlyFans join, is clearly still enjoying a massive popularity streak. See her post and the music video below. 

Another Career Win

Scroll for the photos. Bella, who actually went onto earn $2 million in under a week by signing up to the adult subscription site, has been ramping up the action over on the music side of her career. The Netflix star, newly engaged to boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo, today updated for her 24.4 million Instagram followers, sharing gorgeous blonde-haired selfies while lounging around at home, and it was no pants required.

Snapping herself while curled up on a soft chair, Bella threw out legs galore, with a massive celebratory caption. 

See The Photos Below!

Wearing only a black t-shirt and tons of chunky and glittery wrist jewelry, the Shake It Up actress went parted lips and sideways gaze in her opening photo, then posing face on and with her hair cascading down her shoulders as the low-key snaps took on a gallery format.

"3 mill views in two days on phantom !!!! After I sent these texts I ghosted...," Bella wrote, adding: "Ps I know I JUST changed my hair but should I go blonde??" Scroll through the gallery below and for more photos below.

Claims She's 'Broken The Internet'

Bella, whose career includes her books, music, acting, and new ContentX influencer marketing agency, proudly announces her success in her Instagram bio, one that reads:

"All my recent projects have broken the internet or been NUMBER ONE! For that I thank u guys."

"All my recent projects have broken the internet or been NUMBER ONE! For that I thank u guys."

The Forbidden Flowers founder was also big-time congratulated in the comments section, with a popular comment telling the star: "Well, it’s incredible and we have it on repeat. Mikiel is grabbing you breakfast and heading over⚡️." More photos below.

Engaged To Italian Pop Star Boyfriend

Bella is fresh from the news that she's engaged. The Florida native is set to marry Italian pop star boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo, whom she met at Coachella in 2019. The happy couple has been forced to spend months apart during the pandemic, largely traveling to meet up in Mexico as travel restrictions don't permit Mascolo to enter the U.S. for a journey that isn't essential.

"She said YES" was the message from Mascolo in March as he and Bella confirmed their engagement.