Demi Rose Shows Needy Side In Stringy Bikini

Demi Rose close up
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Demi Rose is admitting that she's needy while in a skimpy halterneck bikini. The 26-year-old model, fresh from celebrating her birthday at the end of March, was last night back to posting throwbacks, with Thursday night bringing the Pretty Little Thing ambassador back in her signature swimwear. All curves and showing a rare blonde moment, Demi updated with a shout-out to her hairstylist, also ensuring those 16.1 million Instagram followers got a giant dose of curves. Check out the photo, plus Demi's best below. 

'Literally' So 'Needy'

Demi Rose pouring tea in a dress

Scroll for the shot. It comes as Demi continues to make headlines for her career climb, with October 2020 marking the British beauty's sign-up to clothing empire Pretty Little Thing.

Proving she's the Pretty Little Thing, Demi updated with a shoot photo, one seeing her getting glammed up as she posed all hips, cleavage, and abs in a tiny, strung, and bright yellow bikini. The night-time snap came with Demi by a balcony, with fans seeing her blonde, with bangs, and wearing a cute multicolor hair scrunchie.

See The Photo Below!

Demi, whose locks were receiving attention, gazed sideways, then taking to her caption, writing: "Literally I am so needy with Faye. Whenever she leaves me in the morning, I always ask to see her in the evenings. We can never get enough of each other. I don't know what I'd do without you my Fairy God Mother."

Rose, who regularly shouts out those behind-the-scenes, then snuck in cheeky topless selfies, writing: "Lost selfies." The bikini bombshell has also been making headlines for that stuffed-flower corset.

Scroll For Her Flower Power Corset!

Demi Rose in yellow bikini

Demi's following, which has shot up over 1.1 million since she celebrating hitting 15 million followers last fall, is now used to one thing - promos for Pretty Little Thing, and they aren't dull. 2021 has seen Rose chomping on a banana while in skimpy undies, also making headlines for her "English Breakfast Tea" photo, one that saw the model pouring tea from a SMEG kettle as she honored her British heritage.

Brit she may be, but Rose is no longer living in the U.K. 

Ditches U.K. For Spain

July 2020 marked Demi leaving the U.K. after a miserable London lock-down, one seeing her body-shamed by a troll. Speaking to ES in September of last year, Demi revealed:

"During lockdown I lived on my own in London and my mental health really did get the better of me. I had up and down days and with so much time on my hands I obviously had a lot of time to reflect on things."

Demi then called her move the "best decision" she's ever made.