Susannah Collins Pushed Out By Blackhawks After ‘Sex’ Gaffe

Susannah Collins was fired from her job with Comcast Chicago after a slip of the tongue led her to say that the Chicago Blackhawks had a “tremendous amount of sex” during the season.

After the reporter was fired there were plenty of people who were a bit perplexed as to why the network would find what was an honest mistake a fireable offense.

We later found out that it wasn’t the “sex” comment that got the brunette beauty fired but rather her appearances on a YouTube sports themed show called Sports Nutz at the beginning of her career.

The show starred Susannah Collins and Sam Raddock as a pair of potty mouthed women who covered the latest in sports new. There wasn’t any pornographic material or anything close. Cursing and suggestive language is where the show began and ended.

This wasn’t a situation where the reporter’s first few words on broadcast television were curse words either. It later came out that Collins hadn’t hidden the fact that she did the show, Comcast even knew about the program when it hired her.

What led to the woman who started out as the “shoot the puck” girl being let go was that the Chicago Blackhawks chairman, Rocky Wirtz pushed for her removal.

After learning of the videos, Wirtz wrote a letter to Comcast, and cc’d Whitesox Owner Jerry Reinsdorf and Chicago Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts in which he said that he was offended by the reporter’s past.

The Blachawks head man demanded that she be removed from his team’s broadcast and the deed was done. That doesn’t appear to be the end of this particular saga. People have already taken to Twitter to highlight just how hypocritical the chairman is being.

What do you think of Susannah Collins being pushed out by Blackhawks ownership?