Abby Dowse Sits With Legs Apart & Shows Off Her 'Morning Stretch'

Abby Dowse stretches in strappy black lingerie.
Instagram | Abby Dowse
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Abby Dowse ended the weekend on a sultry note, taking to Instagram Sunday to share a tantalizing photo of her "morning stretch." 

Snapped in bed, the babe wore nothing but sexy lingerie, causing jaws to drop among her numerous fans as she posed with her legs apart. She sat on the edge of the mattress and arched her back, stretching her arms up while doing a hair flip. 

"That’s one hell of a morning stretch," one follower commented on the photo.

Scroll through to see the thrilling snap straight from Abby's IG feed! 

Lingerie Lover

Abby Dowse sizzles in see-through netted lingerie.
Instagram | Abby Dowse

The Australian beauty left little to the imagination in a nude two-piece set that accentuated her perky chest and tiny waist. The look included a super low-cut neckline that left plenty of décolletage on display and teeny bottoms that came up above her hips, exposing her legs.

A pair of straps extended from the middle of the top, framing Abby's cleavage. Likewise, the panties were a strappy design that emphasized her chiseled midsection with a flimsy cut-out panel. 

Abby's photo is embedded below, so keep scrolling!

Flirty Socks & A Seductive Pose

Abby Dowse sprawls out on a couch wearing plaid miniskirt, plunging crop top, and ruffled socks.
Instagram | Abby Dowse

The babe accessorized the sexy lingerie with white socks trimmed with ruffled tulle. The detail accentuated her slender ankles, adding chic and femininity to the otherwise racy look.

Abby ditched her shoes, elegantly arching her feet as she opened her knees and stretched her lissome pins. Her lithe midsection was also highlighted in the balletic pose that perfectly showcased her lean, hourglass figure and teased her pert posterior.   

The bombshell locked her hands in the air and tilted her head back. Her wild mane slipped through her fingers, cascading downward in tousled curls. 

Soaking Up Some Sun 

Abby Dowse poses on the floor in a patch of sunshine while wearing racy lingerie.
Instagram | Abby Dowse

The model was photographed in a patch of sunshine that cast a natural spotlight on her curvy core. The golden rays poured over her chest, hips, and thighs, lending a sexy sheen to her supple skin. Abby closed her eyes as she basked in the sunlight which also set her locks aglow.

The cream lingerie flattered Abby's glowing tan, standing out against her slightly bronzed skin. The all-white décor also gave prominence to her suntanned look, making her sculpted body emerge as the only pop of color in the snap.   

This is far from the first time that Abby has done a sexy stretch for the camera while clad in provocative lingerie. Earlier this year, the knockout left fans drooling as she hopped up on the kitchen counter rocking a steamy three-piece set and fishnet thigh highs. The sultry seductress captioned the photo with a cheeky message, telling fans dinner was ready.  


Fans Go Wild

Abby Dowse slays in black lace lingerie, strappy heels, and coverup.
Instagram | Abby Dowse

The suggestive photo was a big hit with Abby's 3 million followers. In the span of 15 hours, it racked up more than 34,400 likes and 551 comments. Plenty of fellow models chimed in on the smoking-hot look, including Laura Amy, Becca Edwards, and Rosa Bay.

"Goddess," said Laura.

"Legit an actual goddess," agreed a second user.

"Simply Magnificent," gushed a third follower.

One admirer penned a lengthier message of admiration for the sizzling model.

"You know what separates you from everyone: your amazing and timeless smile. Truly one of a kind." 

Abby followed up with another sun-kissed bedroom snap on Monday morning, in which she gave fans a frontal view of the seductive lingerie. That upload has amassed close to 28,000 likes since it was shared.