Carrington Durham Stuns Instagram In A Hot Pink Bikini

Carrington Durham wears a sparkly red dress at an event.
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Carrington Durham has an insanely hot body, and she seemingly isn't afraid to show it off in front of the camera. Earlier today, the American model and actress shared a sizzling update to her Instagram page that featured her wearing a scanty hot pink bikini at an outdoor location.

Carrington hails from Nashville, Tennessee, and is currently 20 years old. She has appeared on TV shows, such as Hole in the Wall, 10 Seconds, and Teens Wanna Know. She has a huge following on social media, where she uploads snippets of her life and some sexy pictures.

Beach Bombshell

Carrington Durham wears a neon green swimsuit.
Instagram | Carrington Durham

In the photo, Carrington lay on her stomach while stretched out across a flat surface. She had her thighs propped to the side and let her head rest on her right hand as she stared into the camera. Her lightly tanned skin glowed in the sunshine.

The pool and four sunbeds were behind her. A big building that looked like a hotel was also evident in the background of the shot. There was no geotag in the post, but the location looked like it was a resort.

She Has A Thing For Lace Lingerie

Carrington Durham wears a pink lace lingerie.
Instagram | Carrington Durham

The CloutGang member rocked a tie-dye, two-piece swimsuit that showcased her enviable physique. The swimwear was originally white and dyed with a bright pink hue. The top featured cups that seemed fully lined but failed to fully cover the entirety of her perky breasts, as her sideboob was on display. The swimwear had strings, and a pair clung to her shoulder with another pair tied behind her back. Her stance obscured her cleavage, but some fans were content with what they saw.

Sun Child

Carrington Durham wears a yellow bikini.
Instagram | Carrington Durham

Carrington sported bottoms with a thong design that allowed her to flaunt her perky buns. The tiny piece of fabric on her lower back stretched high and clung to her waist. The swimwear had double straps that were tied on the sides of her body and a low front that left little to the imagination.

For her accessories, she sported two sets of tiny stud earrings and nothing else. Carrington tied her ashy-colored hair in a

She Loves Pink

Carrington Durham wears a hot pink bikini.
Instagram | Carrington Durham

In the caption, she asked her followers a question. She also shared her favorite seasons, which were "summer & fall."

In just eight hours, the bikini snap has earned more than 51,100 likes and about 200 comments. Online admirers rushed to the comments section and dropped various compliments. Others opted for emoji to express their admiration for the model.

"Oh, wow! I'm stunned! You look heavenly in this picture," an admirer wrote.

"You are stunning! So hot and so talented," commented another fan.

"You never disappoint. What a way to start my day," gushed a third follower.