South African Hottie Jade Grobler Flaunts Eye-Popping Cleavage In Plunging White Swimsuit

Jade Grobler snaps a selfie inside her house while wearing a black top.
Instagram | Jade Grobler
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Jade Grobler, who is only 23 years old, wowed many of her 1.1 million Instagram followers on Monday, March 1, with her most recent upload. The gorgeous model who hails from South Africa took to the popular social media app to upload a hot picture in which she rocked a skimpy swimsuit that put her curves fully on display.

The influencer started her social media page in 2014 and began posting snaps of her herself, grabbing the attention of many brands that offered her modeling deals and partnerships.

Showing Off Her Perky Cleavage

Jade Grobler wears a white sports bra and gray shorts.
Instagram | Jade Grobler

Jade wore a white swimsuit with no prints. The garment featured a plunging neckline that reached her midriff, and the deep cut displayed a generous amount of her decolletage. The tightness of the swimwear pushed her breasts inward, making her cleavage pop. Furthermore, the chest area of the piece was lined and protected her nipples from exposure.

The bottom part of the suit had sides that were cut up high to her hip bone, elongating her flawlessly toned legs. The light-colored bathing suit looked marvelous on her sun-kissed skin.

Beautiful Smile

Jade Grobler wears a red plunging swimsuit.
Instagram | Jade Grobler

Several of her online admirers know that Jade loves spending time near the ocean. At times, she goes to the beach with her friends, while in other instances, she relaxes beachside with her furry companions.

While dressed in her sexy monokini, she was seen lounging on a red towel that was laid out on the fine, white sand. She mostly occupied the middle of the frame and sat with her thighs apart and her legs propped to the side. The hottie leaned sideways and placed her hand on the flat surface as she gazed at the camera with her head tilted. Jade gave a smile that showed her pearly whites.

She Loves Australia

Jade Grobler wears a black thong bikini.
Instagram | Jade Grobler

The blue sea and the beautiful view of the sky made up the background. Big rock formations were also seen behind her.

The Australia-based model left her blond hair untied. Her locks were wet from swimming in the ocean. For someone who always wears her accessories, Jade took them off for the occasion.

Jade paired the photo with a short caption where she described herself as a "beach baby." She tagged two Instagram pages in the picture. One was her friend, while the other was an injectables clinic.

Always Photogenic

Jade Grobler wears a white lace crop top and blue denim shorts.
Instagram | Jade Grobler

Since going public on her page, the post has earned more than 25,500 likes and 280-plus comments. Jade's supporters dived into the comments section to shower her with adoring messages.

"The place looks fab! You look beautiful, as always!" one of her followers wrote.

"Do you ever take a bad picture? I think not. Australia is really something else. I want to visit someday," commented another fan.

"You look so sexy!! It must be nice to be in a country with warm weather for almost the whole year," a third admirer added.