Danielley Ayala Goes Braless In Unzipped Coat For Buxom Display

Danielle Ayala places index finger on her lips
Instagram | Danielley Ayala
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In her most recent Instagram post, Danielley Ayala showed off plenty of skin while wearing a warm and fluffy article of clothing. She teased her 5.2 million followers by rocking an unzipped coat that revealed more of her buxom chest than it covered up. The voluptuous model ensured that all eyes were on her colossal cleavage by going braless.

Danielley's share included multiple photos and videos. She shot most of them herself while standing before a large mirror. In her caption, she noted that she was offering her fans a "photo with a view."   

Keeping Her Cleavage Cozy In Colorado

Danielley Ayala wearing a blue lace-trimmed camisole and denim 'Rugrats' jacket with orange thong
Instagram | Danielley Ayala

As Danielley's geotag indicated, she created her tantalizing content during a trip to Aspen, Colorado. From the neck up, she was dressed for an afternoon out on the slopes. She had on a pair of dark ski goggles. They were pushed up on her forehead so that her dark eyes were visible.  

Danielley wore a brown fleece coat that looked warm and cozy. It had a snug fit that hugged her curvy hips. She wore the piece's front zipper pulled down below her bellybutton. 

Displaying Dangerous Curves

Danielley Ayala wearing a blue swimsuit
Instagram | Danielley Ayala

Her bust threatened to spill out of the dangerously low neckline that she had created herself. It was clear that she had nothing on underneath the coat from the waist up. She flirted with revealing too much for Instagram as she moved around in front of the mirror. 

Below the waist, a glimpse of one of Danielley's bare thighs was visible, making it obvious that she was not wearing pants with her jacket. Her highlighted brunette hair was blown out straight and styled with a slight wave.    

Sharing More Incredible Views

Danielley Ayala wearing a blue and green floral-print bikini top and green sarong
Instagram | Danielley Ayala

Danielley appeared to be inside a hotel room when she was shooting her sexy photos and videos. Other slides in her post revealed what it looked like outside where she was staying. She included footage filmed from a car. It showed a snowy landscape whizzing by. Barren trees and evergreens covered rolling hills in the distance. 

Another video was shot from a high balcony. Numerous large buildings were visible on the white mountainside down below, as was a ski lift. This made it evident that she was staying at a ski resort.    

Fans Love The Scenery

Danielley Ayala wearing pale blue bra with black trim in bed
Instagram | Danielley Ayala

Danielley's followers quickly flocked to the comments section to share an avalanche of praise for the model's bombshell body. She's usually posing in lingerie or bikinis that struggle to contain her curves when she wows her online audience with her sexy shares. However, her unconventional way of wearing a fleece coat proved to be just as popular, with her post rapidly amassing more than 230,000 likes. 

"Baby you look fantastic," read one response from a fan.

"You are such pleasure for the eyes. You are a goddess," another commented. 

"Imagine dining across from that view," a third admired wrote. "A guy would have to stone cold lock only onto the eyes and not flinch."