Joe Biden Might Be Replaced With Kamala Harris 'Far Earlier' Than Expected, Writer Says

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Tyler MacDonald

President Joe Biden's actions in the White House are again fueling speculation that Vice President Kamala Harris will soon take his place.

In a Friday piece for The Daily Wire, writer Ian Haworth pointed to reports that Harris has been taking phone calls on behalf of Biden and suggested it could be a sign that she will assume power earlier than previously expected.

Politico previously reported that Biden privately suggested to aides he would step aside after one term. However, the Democrat has yet to publicly commit to doing so.

Harris Has Reportedly Begun Taking Phone Calls For Biden

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As noted by Haworth, a recent White House briefing room announcement revealed that Harris has begun taking calls on behalf of Biden. Notably, she recently spoke to France President Emmanuel Macron, World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

"News that Kamala Harris was taking calls on behalf of the president less than one month into his administration raised eyebrows, especially since Biden described himself as a 'transition candidate' while on the campaign trail," the writer wrote.

Mike Pence Did Not Take Calls Until Later In Donald Trump's Term

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As noted by The New York Post, former Vice President Mike Pence did not start taking calls on behalf of then-President Donald Trump until his second year in the White House. 

"Although Pence seldom spoke with world leaders toward the end of his term, he did so occasionally in earlier years and sometimes met with foreign leaders on trips abroad," the publication noted.

The outlet underlined that a review of press notices showed no direct calls with foreign leaders during Pence's final year in office.

Harris' Duties Could Be Cause For Concern For Conservates & Moderates

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According to Haworth, Harris was "deeply unpopular" during the Democratic presidential primary. He sounded the alarm on her recent duties and suggested that the Biden administration plans to hand her the "reins" much earlier than earlier predictions.

The writer argued that conservatives and moderates, in particular, should be concerned about Harris, Biden, and their administration's alleged "global agenda."

As The Inquisitr reported, Democratic strategist Joel Payne argued that Harris was a safe candidate amid pressure to select a more left-leaning progressive. Elsewhere, progressives contended that she was a risky choice amid the Black Lives Matter protests due to her law enforcement background.

Conservatives Have Long Warned That Biden Will Be Replaced By Harris

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For months, conservatives have warned that Biden will be replaced by Harris. As The Inquisitr reported, Trump suggested that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was engaged in a plan to replace Biden with Harris. Notably, he pointed to her role in legislation that would create a commission centered around the 25th Amendment, which can be used to remove an unfit head of state.

Elsewhere, others suggested that the legislation was aimed at Trump, who was medicated at the time following coronavirus treatment and criticized by some for acting erratically.