Emme Rylan Shares Big Life Update & 'General Hospital' Fans Are Hopeful For Lulu's Return

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Stacy Carey

Actress Emme Rylan left "General Hospital" a few months ago, but she didn't depart by choice. She admitted this wasn't something she'd initiated, but she's said she'd love the opportunity to return. Now, a Friday afternoon Instagram post has her fans wondering if that might actually happen.

The new Instagram post consisted of a selfie that Emme took of herself and it included a short caption. The photo showed the actress wearing a baseball cap over her blond tresses. 

Emme Shared Intriguing News

The baseball cap was orange and had an embroidered "LA" across the front in white thread. It certainly seemed as if she chose this Los Angeles Dodgers cap as a nod to the news she was set to share. 

"Next stop on this road trip?? LOS ANGELES!! See you in a week LA!" Emme wrote.

Emme's "General Hospital" fans immediately went into a frenzy over this post. Was this a hint that she'd soon return to the soap?


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The 'General Hospital' Star's Fans Had Lots Of Questions

In just one hour, more than 4,000 likes and 220 comments poured in from Emme's fans. It was clear that many of them had been following her family's adventures over the past few months and a lot of people hoped for "General Hospital" news.

"Exciting. Do you guys have a home to go to? Praying for your family!" a fan wrote.

After Emme was taken off-contract at "General Hospital," she and her husband decided to take their three kids on a major adventure. At this point, it's not clear if they've wrapped that up or if California is just a brief pit stop.

Los Angeles Is Calling Emme And Her Family Home

Emme, her husband Don Money, and their kids Jackson, Levi, and Dakota packed up all of their stuff and hit the road. The lease on their home rental was ending anyway, so they decided to travel.

The family went to St. Louis, Missouri to stay with a friend for a while, and they've since visited extended family in other parts of the country. Now, Los Angeles is calling them back, but she's not detailing why or for how long.

Emme's 'General Hospital' Exit Was Shocking

Last fall, rumors emerged detailing that both Emme and her "General Hospital" co-star William deVry had been let go. Very soon after those reports came out, she seemed to wrap up her time on the set. 

At the time, Emme shared a sweet photo showing her family hugging her after a difficult day. The timing certainly seemed to confirm the rumors regarding her exit.

Luckily, "General Hospital" didn't kill off Lulu. She was injured in the Floating Rib explosion and put into a coma. 

The door was certainly left open for Lulu to recover and return home. As SheKnows Soaps notes, her beloved Dante is growing closer to Sam by the day. Given that, having Lulu wake up soon would be a great soapy development.

So far, Emme hasn't replied to any of the notes from fans speculating that she might soon return to "General Hospital." Everybody will be anxiously keeping an eye on her social media page, however, hoping for additional good news.