Monday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Ava & Nikolas Are Stumped

Stacy Carey

During Monday's episode of "General Hospital," spoilers detail that Nikolas and Ava will try to move forward with their Valentine's Day celebration. They were perplexed by the unsettling gift she mysteriously received, and there's more to come with this.

As Nikolas and Ava started out their romantic dinner, a gift for her was brought to the table. Naturally, she thought this was surely from her husband. However, the couple quickly learned it was something else entirely. 

Ava Receives Her Real Gift From Nikolas

The "General Hospital" sneak peek for the episode airing on Monday, February 22 reveals that Ava will soon have another gift to open. She'll teasingly point out that she hopes that this one is from Nikolas, and it seems likely it will be. 

Nikolas probably worked hard to find something significant and lovely to give his wife for this Valentine's Day. Even if he is successful, it seems that talk will turn back to the roach "gift" she received.


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Nikolas Makes A Promise

According to SheKnows Soaps, Nikolas will promise to protect Ava. During Monday's show, he will vow to do whatever is necessary to keep Ava safe, and this will surely extend to Avery's safety as well.

"General Hospital" spoilers suggest that this may soon become a bigger challenge than Nikolas expected. 

According to Soap Opera Digest, this gruesome gift will become a topic of conversation again before dinner ends. While Ava will seemingly love the bracelet that Nikolas got her, a note creepy note will dampen the mood.

A Creepy Note Ruins The Romantic Vibe

Ava will freak out when she gets the note, which likely connects to the roach gift. "General Hospital" teasers detail that the couple will try not to let this ruin their evening, but they may find they've lost the momentum they had built.

Naturally, both Ava and Nikolas will suspect that Ryan is behind this note and gift. However, they won't be able to figure out how he could have sent them. As far as they know, Ryan is completely incapacitated.

A Big Twist May Be Involved

Interestingly, it may turn out that Nikolas and Ava are wrong about this. At the very least, it seems that they miss something significant as they focus on how Ryan might have done this.

"It reminds me of a game of chess in the sense that sometimes you're so focused on that one piece, you don't see the piece on the other side of the board that's sitting there and threatening the entire game. I think that's where Nikolas is at," teases actor Marcus Coloma told SOD of his character's thinking on this.

Is Ryan still behind this mystery gift and note, but with an accomplice? "General Hospital" spoilers tease that Monday's episode will bring much more on this and fans are definitely intrigued.