Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Real Andrews Returns As Taggert & Promises A Major Storyline Ahead

General Hospital spoilers reveal that fan-favorite actor Real Andrews will be back as Marcus Taggert in the near future. Not only will he be stepping back into the role he’s known so well for, but he also promised some major storyline drama developing in the weeks ahead.

The past few times that General Hospital viewers got to see scenes involving Taggert, it was with a temporary recast in place. This was extremely disappointing for fans, especially given that these scenes were the ones where Trina finally learned that her father hadn’t really died.

It was a major frustration for a lot of invested viewers to wait for this revelation and reunion for months, just to have someone else playing Taggert. Not only that, but there was never any real explanation regarding why Asante Jones took over for a short time.

Luckily, this was indeed just a short-term shift. On Monday, Andrews took to Instagram and revealed that he was preparing for his return to General Hospital. Spoilers from the actor indicate that there is a major storyline involving Tagget on the way, and he teased that things are about to get real.

Andrews held some script pages in his hand and opened his eyes wide as he snapped the selfie he shared. If he is going through a script now, it seems likely that General Hospital fans can probably expect him back in about a month.

The General Hospital star’s news came as a welcome update for Taggert supporters.

“Yayyyyy can’t wait you deserve the Emmy for your story line,” one fan declared.

“Taggert will find Sonny! lol,” teased another.

“AHHHHHH!!!! YAY!!! I’m doing the Taggert dance!!!! Happy dance!!!” a third Instagram user raved.

“What we want to see is cameron take trina to prom but has to deal with taggert first,” someone else joked.

General Hospital viewers have no shortage of ideas when it comes to possible Taggert-centered storylines. One big one is that it seems all but guaranteed that Trina and Taggert will both soon learn that it’s Curtis who is truly the teen’s biological father.

The idea that he could become involved with Sonny’s amnesia storyline could be a juicy twist, and there’s certainly the issue of taking Cyrus down once and for all.

Whatever it is that the General Hospital writers have in mind, both the actor and the fans seem ready to go along for the ride. Last year when the writers tried to kill him off, there was a massive outrage that prompted the show to change course. Now he’s back and people want to see as much of Andrews on-screen as possible.

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