‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Chad Brannon Confirms His Return

On Monday, actor Chad Brannon teased his General Hospital fans with a fun Instagram post. Just days after reports indicated that he was returning to the soap opera in some capacity, he confirmed that via a few photos at the studio.

As The Inquisitr detailed last week, Brannon reportedly would be popping back up on General Hospital again in a few weeks. He was slated to begin filming a few days ago and it looks as if that happened right on schedule.

For now, General Hospital sources are not revealing any juicy spoilers regarding the reason for Brannon’s return. He previously played the character of Zander, but that ended in 2004. Zander was killed by police, so it would seem tough to bring him back from the dead. Of course, crazier things have happened.

One popular theory among General Hospital viewers is that Brannon will be back as Zander but in a ghostly way. He is Cameron’s biological father, and Cam’s family is certainly facing some tough times right now.

Cameron might need a visit from his dad, much like how Lucas got a ghostly visit from his dearly departed father Tony in late 2019.

Quite a few General Hospital fans suspect that Zander’s ghostly presence may come as a visit with Franco, rather than Cameron. Franco has taken on a fatherly role with Cam and he’s facing some ongoing health issues. Perhaps Zander shows up to encourage Franco to fight to live and take care of Cameron and Elizabeth.

It seems that General Hospital viewers would be perfectly happy to see Brannon back as a still-alive Zander, or even a different character. One way or another, people should get some sense of where this is headed in a few weeks.

In his new post, Brannon teased that it was fun to be back on his old stomping grounds. He noted in the geotag that he was at Prospect Studios, the spot where both General Hospital and Grey’s Anatomy film.

The actor certainly has aged a bit since his original run about two decades ago. He sports a bit of salt-and-pepper in his hair and could easily take on a leading man role in Port Charles if given the opportunity.

William Lipton, who plays Cameron, both commented and liked the post. Lipton wasn’t on General Hospital back when Brannon previously worked on the soap, so some might interpret this as a sign that the two are working together now.

“I can’t wait to see what the story will be. Welcome back,” one fan wrote.

“So excited for you, Chad! And for us! Will start watching GH again for sure,” another detailed.

Everybody will be anxious for additional General Hospital spoilers to emerge with some sense of what’s ahead with Brannon’s return.

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