‘General Hospital’ Casting Spoilers: Chad Brannon Returning

Some intriguing casting news regarding General Hospital has everybody buzzing. The soap opera is bringing actor Chad Brannon back, and this could prove to be a very interesting decision.

Entertainment Weekly revealed the news on Tuesday afternoon. Brannon previously played Alexander “Zander” Smith. It’s been years since Zander was in Port Charles, but the timing of this return could be a great development for viewers.

Zander was in the thick of things from 2000 through 2004. He is the biological father of Elizabeth’s oldest son Cameron, and the teen was conceived after the two had a couple of wild nights with one another.

At this point, it is not known for certain that Brannon will reprise that same role. In 2004, Zander was shot and killed by the police. The only other time he’s been back since then was in a brief cameo of someone named Aaron.

Of course, one can never say never to a character coming back from the dead in the world of soap operas. That’s especially true when it comes to General Hospital.

At the same time, it could be that the series is bringing Brannon on in a different role. They’ve done that plenty of times, including with Tamara Braun and Michael Easton.

Brannon is slated to begin filming on February 12 and his first on-air appearance should come in mid-March or so. General Hospital isn’t revealing any juicy spoilers regarding this return. Will he be back for a ghostly visit for Elizabeth, Cameron, or even Franco, or something more?

Could the actor be taking over another existing role? There are already some General Hospital viewers speculating over this possibility, and there are several directions this could head. It’s also entirely possible that Brannon will be playing someone entirely new.

“I wouldn’t be mad if they brought him back as Zander. I wouldn’t even be mad if they recast him as Lucky or Drew…I said what I said,” one fan tweeted.

“Bringing Zander back as a ghost for Franco would be such a waste. This show is lacking in leading men Zander’s age. Zander is such a dynamic character — who has connections to many important people on the canvas. The show would only benefit from his real return,” another viewer noted.

Not all General Hospital viewers are convinced this is a wise move though.

“No idea why GH would think this is the character that has to come back,” someone tweeted.

Will Brannon be Zander again, or step in as Lucky, Drew, or even Morgan? Will this be just for an episode or two, or for a longer period of time? Additional General Hospital spoilers regarding this should emerge soon and fans will be anxious to learn more.

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