‘General Hospital’ Tuesday Spoilers: Emotions Run High At Sonny’s Funeral Service

The emotional funeral service for Sonny Corinthos will continue with Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that there will be several touching moments as the mobster’s loved ones gather, but things will be tense in a few cases as well.

During Monday’s episode of General Hospital, Alexis tried to sneak a drink as her daughters headed off to the car. Molly saw her, and it seems this will lead to a difficult confrontation during the February 16 show.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter shows Alexis telling someone to go ahead and let her have it. This very well could be either Molly or one of her other daughters. However, General Hospital teasers from SheKnows Soaps detail that Alexis and Olivia will seemingly have a rough encounter with one another this week as well.

Despite Alexis’ decision to take a drink before heading to the funeral, it seems she may finally find herself ready to turn things around. She is said to take an important step toward cleaning up during Tuesday’s show.

On a brighter note, Sasha will reconnect with Michael a bit as he grieves Sonny’s supposed death. She’ll be at the service and ask if he’s sure it’s okay that she’s there.

These two are edging back closer toward one another now that he and Willow signed their annulment papers. However, it’s not known for certain yet whether Sasha and Michael will really, truly reunite. Michael and Willow still feel strongly for one another too, and she seems a bit torn between him and Chase.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jason and Sam will share a touching moment during all of this as well. Despite the fact that she broke things off with him, they continue to have strong feelings for one another. At some point during Tuesday’s show, he’ll steal a moment with Sam and tell her that he’s glad she’s there.

Will this moment of reconnection change anything regarding their split? General Hospital teasers hint that she’ll be spending more time with Dante soon, and the writers do seem intent on exploring the possibility of a romance there.

In addition, Jason and Britt will spend time together soon as well, and that’s another pairing that General Hospital fans are watching closely right now.

Josslyn will lean on Trina for some support while Olivia will get loud and angry at some point. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nina will visit Nelle’s grave while Sonny will experience some sort of memory glimmer at the bar in Pennsylvania.

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