Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Remembers Something & Laura Confronts Cyrus

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s episode suggest that Sonny might regain a glimmer of his memory. He remains at the bar with Lenny in Pennsylvania while his family grieves back in Port Charles. Now, it seems that Cyrus may use that situation to his advantage in hopes of bringing his mother Florence home. Soap Central hints that this will impact quite a few people in the days ahead.

Sonny remains at the bar in Pennsylvania living as “Mike.” A police officer confronted him and remains suspicious of him, and he swiped a coffee mug to have “Mike’s” fingerprints run. In the meantime, the General Hospital sneak peek for the February 16 show indicates that Sonny may start to remember a bit of his old life.

The General Hospital preview shows Sonny at the bar talking to somebody, likely Lenny. He says that he remembered someone, and viewers will see the rest of this conversation on Tuesday.

By the way that he’s talking, it doesn’t seem as if he remembered too much. Perhaps he has a flicker of a memory or someone from his past, but General Hospital spoilers signal that it’s going to take a while before he fully realizes who he is.

The next new show will also bring a tense interaction involving Laura and Cyrus. By the looks of things, this will take place at General Hospital and Brando will be a couple of steps behind his boss.

Cyrus wants his mother back and he knows that Jason was involved in whisking her away from her care facility. It was actually Carly who concocted that plan, without Jason’s knowledge, but Cyrus hasn’t figured that out.

Laura quickly realized that Carly took information she learned during a conversation of theirs and used it to her advantage. Now, Laura has been pulled into this, and General Hospital teasers signal that she’s about to become a liaison with what comes next.

During this upcoming conversation, Laura will be worked up in response to something Cyrus says. It seems that he’ll make it clear to her he’s willing to make a deal, but others may not like the terms.

Cyrus will apparently offer that he’ll leave Sonny’s family alone as they grieve if Florence is returned. Laura will seemingly be appalled by this offer, although it probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

In the days ahead, Brando will end up the target of Cyrus’ frustrations. It seems he may be pushed to prove his loyalty and General Hospital viewers may see him caught in a tough spot.

Carly will meet with Diane later this week, which will surely be about Sonny or the business. In addition, Lenny will step up for “Mike.” Spoilers hint that this will get quite intense as the storyline moves forward and fans are curious to see how it all comes together.

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