Weekly 'General Hospital' Spoilers Tease Revenge Is A Top Priority Throughout Port Charles

Viewers hope to get a full week of new episodes of General Hospital beginning with Monday's show and spoilers tease that there are big developments ahead. A new sneak peek was posted via Twitter that hints at what's ahead.

The episode airing on Monday, February 15 was supposed to air last Tuesday. A handful of preemptions threw off the schedule, but things get back on track now. For starters, General Hospital teasers indicate that Nina will overhear Jax and Carly talking about the night that Nelle died.

Willow will accept Michael's offer to stay in the guesthouse and Sonny will run into some trouble at Lenny and Phyllis' bar in Pennsylvania. In addition, General Hospital teasers detail that Phyllis will visit Nina and confirm that Frank was the man involved in the placement of the baby all those years ago.

The new General Hospital preview signals that Nina will be ready to destroy Carly over all of this. She will meet up with Valentin at some point soon and ask a big favor of him.

Nina will ask Valentin to help her make Carly pay. In all likelihood, this is a task he'll both be quite willing to take on and one he'll be very good at completing successfully.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Nina will make someone a promise on Tuesday. That comes shortly after she overhears Carly and Jax and General Hospital spoilers indicate she'll be confronting them. It appears that she'll waste little time in reaching out to Valentin for help in exacting revenge.

She's not the only one hoping to tear down someone who wronged her this week. Obrecht has been on a mission to destroy Peter for some time now, and it seems she's about to get a new partner.

The General Hospital preview shows Britt meeting up with her mother. She'll ask Obrecht if she wants revenge, and Britt's mother quickly snaps to attention.

Britt had tried to forge a relationship with her brother, but she recently learned he wasn't trustworthy. He threatened her, and now, she seems ready to help her mother in destroying him once and for all.

The sneak peek detailed that Curtis and Portia would meet up for a drink and Jax will anxiously caution Carly about fall out. It appears that Jason will end up pulling a gun and shooting at someone, and emotions will be running high with Sonny's funeral.

General Hospital spoilers signal that there are plenty of significant developments set to play out in the next few days and fans are anxious to get back to it.