‘Counting On’ Star Jana Duggar Shares ‘Life Tips’ From Her One-Year Old Niece Gracie On Instagram

Counting On star Jana Duggar shared some important life tips from her 1-year-old niece Gracie, the daughter of her twin brother John-David and his wife Abbie.

In a new Instagram upload, the reality television star posted a snap of the infant seated on her lap. The two spent time together in the air as passengers of her brother’s plane. John-David has been a pilot since 2016. He holds a commercial license from the United States Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration.

Jana shared a series of three selfies on the social media site. In the first image, the two made funny faces for the camera. For the second, Jana smiled while Gracie munched on a rice cake. The third showed the two laughing.

Jana looked lovely in the photograph. She wore a fuzzy sweater that had a large collar and a button-down front. Her long, auburn hair was worn straight and parted on one side.

Gracie had on a white sweater with a rounded neckline and sweet ruffles atop the shoulders. To protect her ears, the little girl had on a set of pink headphones.

Jana has spoken about her affection for Gracie as well as John-David in the past.

In an Instagram post, which she shared for her brother’s first Father’s Day and which can be seen here, Jana wrote that ever since she and John were little they were asked if they had a “twin thing.” She revealed she has felt every bit of happiness her brother did from the day Gracie was born.

She shared it was “sweet” watching John and Abbie as parents and called them “naturals.” Jana wrote the same qualities that made John a wonderful sibling also made him an amazing dad. She added he stood for what he believed in and was always determined to finish what he started. She concluded by divulging that being an aunt to Gracie was “priceless.”

Jana’s fans were thrilled by the photographs.

“Jana, I’ve said it before and I will say it again, you are my favorite, I love all of your siblings but you are my favorite,” claimed one follower.

“Nothing like a special Auntie in a child’s life!” a second fan wrote.

“You have a lot of cute nieces and nephews, but got to say she is the cutest of the bunch!! Great picture and love the life tip for sure!!” a third user noted.

“She looks like Jana with Abby’s cheeks,” declared a fourth fan.

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