WWE News: Triple H Hints That Company May Have Signed Son Of Legendary Superstar, Confirms Other New Recruits

Triple H took part in a media call ahead of this weekend’s NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day pay-per-view, answering questions on several topics. However, one of the most interesting takeaways was the revelation that WWE may have signed the son of Rick Steiner.

As Sportskeeda reported, “The Game” revealed that the company has been looking at several rookies in recent weeks. Some of their arrivals were already common knowledge, but the recruitment of Bronson Rechsteiner had yet to be confirmed.

“I am incredibly excited about Parker Boudreaux coming in, Bronson Rechsteiner, we have a lot of people coming in the door. Just as much as I am about people that have been here for a while, like Rik Bugez and a lot of people that are in the door that are at the cusp, but COVID has slowed that down. But they are right there. When I say the future is bright, that is what I am talking about.”

As the Sportskeeda article highlighted, Rechsteiner is a former professional football player who last played as a running back for the Baltimore Ravens. After he was let go by the team in 2020, he entered the squared circle and wrestled his first pro wrestling match at AWF/WOW WrestleJam 8.

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Rechsteiner uncle, Scott Steiner, was in his corner for the match as well. This then led to him catching the attention of WWE officials. The Inquisitr reported in November he received a tryout at the Performance Center, but the outcome of the trial period was unclear.

As Triple H pointed out, the company has also acquired the services of Parker Boudreaux. As The Inquisitr previously documented, the promising talent was a college football protege who’s had ambitions of becoming a wrestler for a while.

He has also received Paul Heyman’s seal of approval. The former executive of Monday Night Raw took to social media recently and revealed that the rookie is destined to become a big star in the future.

Boudreaux has already been compared to Brock Lesnar due to his similar build and facial similarities. With Lesnar’s free-agent status yet to be rectified, Vince McMahon and co. might be keen to replace him with the new “Next Big Thing.”

AEW were also reportedly keen on Boudreaux after Jim Ross publicly stated that he’d like to see the former offensive lineman join the promotion. The Hall of Famer was also high on Rechsteiner after meeting him backstage at an AEW taping.