‘General Hospital’ Spoilers & Scheduling Scoop: Willow Accepts Michael’s Offer

General Hospital did not air on Thursday due to coverage of the ongoing impeachment trial in the Senate. The show’s Twitter page confirmed that they were pushing this out again, with hopes that they could resume the regular schedule on Friday.

Plenty of General Hospital viewers had anticipated this, given that the soap opera was preempted on both Tuesday and Wednesday as well. As has often been the case, ABC’s decision to push things out by a day again came midway through when most people would have been watching.

“We are continuing to monitor the ongoing breaking news coverage and have decided to shift today’s episode of General Hospital (originally scheduled to air Tuesday). It will air tomorrow, all things permitting,” the tweet read.

It does seem virtually guaranteed at this point that it will be Monday before General Hospital fans get a chance to see fresh action again though.

In the meantime, General Hospital spoilers tease that there will be plenty to watch once ABC begins airing the soap again. Sonny will have a heated interaction with a local police officer, and that could pave the way to revealing his true identity.

In addition, Nina will be able to confirm with Phyllis that her daughter had been handed over to Frank as a newborn. After that, Nina will show up at Sonny’s funeral and overhear Carly and Jax talking about the night that Nelle died.

General Hospital spoilers detail that there are key moments involving Michael and Willow coming too. As SheKnows Soaps details, the two will share some tender moments ahead of the funeral service.

Willow will help Michael pick a tie and she’ll explain that she plans to attend the service with him. In addition, General Hospital teasers indicate that she will tell Michael that she has decided to accept his offer to live in the Quartermaine mansion gatehouse for now.

Michael and Willow signed the annulment paperwork and have acknowledged their remaining feelings for Sasha and Chase. However, “Millow” fans aren’t so sure this relationship between Michael and Willow will really shift back to the two just being friends.

“I’m just going to say this. If they were so ready for their marriage to end they wouldn’t still have their rings on or light up everytime they see each other. The way Willow smiles around Michael it’s like she is just calm and at her happiest same with Michael,” one fan tweeted.

“lol if you hate Millow I suggest you don’t watch this episode or fast forward their scenes. Because it was a swoon worthy episode and further proves Michael and Willow are meant to be together and perfect for each other through the good times and the bad,” tweeted another viewer who was up-to-speed on what’s ahead.

General Hospital fans may be anxious to move forward with new shows after this string of preemptions, and spoilers hint that the wait will be worth it.

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