NFL Rumors: Russell Wilson Looking For 'Classy Way' To Leave The Seattle Seahawks, Former Teammate Says

Russell Wilson may be looking for an easy exit out of Seattle, an NFL analyst and former teammate says.

There has been rising drama surrounding Wilson and whether he's looking to join the expected quarterback carousel and find a new team for next season. This offseason is expected to see unprecedented movement, with as many as 20 teams finding a new signal-caller to start 2021, and Wilson's name has recently been thrown into the mix with reports that teams are inquiring about him.

Brandon Marshall, who played with Wilson for seven games during the 2018 season, said he believes the Seahawks quarterback could welcome an exit.

"Russell Wilson is trying to figure out how to move on in a classy way,'' he said on the FS1 show First Things First, via Twitter. "That's what I truly believe.''

Marshall went on to say that Wilson is frustrated with the team's consistently poor offensive line play and the overall offensive philosophy. He criticized the team for failing to play to Wilson's strengths and relying too heavily on the run game.

"By the end of the day, you need to decide if you believe in Russ to drop back and throw it 30, 40 times,'' Marshall added. "And I don't think they believe in Russ. Well actually, I know they don't believe in Russ, because I was there.''

There are other NFL insiders who suggest that the Seahawks should listen to what other teams might offer for Wilson. Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports wrote that Seattle would be well-served to listen to other teams, and could potentially score a massive haul for Wilson. He noted that because it would likely take a "herculean offer" to convince the Seahawks to move the quarterback, they could be looking at four or five first-round picks in exchange for him.

The market has been already set high with the first QB shuffle this year, which saw the Detroit Lions moving Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for first-round picks in 2022 and 2023 and a third-round pick this year. While some of that price included the Lions taking on Jared Goff and his significant salary, many insiders believe that the asking price could be even higher for some of the other signal-callers likely on the trade block.

That includes Deshaun Watson, who has asked the Houston Texans for a trade after a falling out with the front office. There are some reports that the Texans do not want to trade Watson and have been telling potential suitors that he's not available, which could potentially increase the asking price for Wilson -- should the Seahawks choose to move him.