'General Hospital' Weekly Spoilers: Peter's Scrambling, Anna's Pushing, & Nina Blasts Carly & Jax

A new sneak peek filled with intriguing General Hospital spoilers has just emerged. The week of February 8 is slated to be a wild one and now viewers can get a better sense of what's ahead.

The new General Hospital preview was shared via Twitter on Monday afternoon. The funeral for Sonny is on deck, and this will become quite emotional. Peter is desperate to marry Maxie and put his past behind him, but some new twisty developments seem to be on the way.

Anna is desperate to find Obrecht, and she believes that Britt knows something about her mother's whereabouts. General Hospital teasers indicate that Anna will take another run at getting Britt to reveal something, but it seems likely she won't learn anything new.

Sonny's loved ones will gather to pay their respects. Kristina will be back, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Diane, Jason, Jax, and even Nina will be present for the service.

As viewers know, however, Nina's not Carly's biggest fan right now. In fact, the General Hospital preview reveals that Nina will confront Jax and Carly quite soon. She'll tell them that she knows what they did to her daughter, and this will surely rattle both of them.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Peter will be trying to determine what to do next. He revealed a surprising amount of information to Valentin during Monday's show, but he's still got plenty of worries.

The sneak peek shows Valentin telling Peter that Anna and Maxie are going to be forced to learn the truth. Peter initially pressured Valentin to keep his secrets, but it seems unlikely any agreement like this will last for long.

Peter may feel as if he's backed into a corner, but there's a development on the horizon he's not expecting.

General Hospital viewers watched on Monday as a mysterious man looked at Alex Marick's will and then put a couple of things into an envelope for Peter. It seems that it's Alex's husband Dimitri doing this, and that will surely lead to some jaw-dropping moments coming soon.

Someone will also leave Monica quite surprised at some point in the days ahead. This could be something really fun, like a pregnant Brook Lynn returning to Port Charles, or it could end up that this is nothing all that stunning.

It's not entirely clear whether or not there will be some preemptions this week due to the impeachment trial coverage in the Senate. For now, General Hospital spoilers signal that there are plenty of entertaining moments coming soon, and everybody will be crossing their fingers they get to see it all in the days ahead.